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  • Samples of the food were produced.
  • The samples of her industry were not outwardly brilliant.
  • Were these two spots but samples of the whole?
  • They brought samples of the bread they were forced to eat.
  • The witness here produced samples of the articles seized.
  • They were not fair samples of Erewhonians.
  • In touch with samples of the Bolo Set.
  • These are just samples of scores of histories in my possession.
  • For it is certain that these men are samples of their contemporaries.
  • Samples of dust from different collieries were collected for the purpose.
  • Samples of all products must be brought from the lands discovered.
  • In one section were samples of the various accessories of the craft.
  • Samples of the milk to be tested are placed in sterile pint fruit jars.
  • We propose here simply to give a few samples of dimensions of racing boats.
  • A sack containing samples of biscuits in small tin boxes was received.
  • These tales are selected from many, mere samples of a varied experience.
  • If the answer is favorable, send samples of the articles you wish to sell.
  • Samples of the composition, in its mixed and unmixed state, were produced.
  • A funny little old man who carries samples of buttons made in Austria.

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  • This and other letters inclosed samples of the ashes which fell over the doomed town.
  • Nature has put samples of all her works here within reach of his cataloguing vision.
  • The samples of work illustrated show some of the moldings which can be turned out with the plane.
  • Such are a few samples of the current style of aquatic sports between 1830 and 1840.
  • Variation with age must be considered in order to assemble comparable samples of these shrews.
  • This applies to ordinary samples of estate rubber under the conditions of testing indicated above.
  • From these samples of our callow speech, the modesty of our ambition may be inferred.
  • It is a very old type, samples of which have been found which take it back to a very remote age.
  • Occasionally samples of smoked sheet are offered contaminated with a "heavy" type of mould.
  • Half an hour later, Pauline was on her way down to the village store for samples of paper.
  • Qui tol-lis pec-ca-ta, qui tol-lis pec-ca-ta,] as samples of his own composition!
  • Samples of brown stout, procured from the retailers, afforded, upon an average, 6,50 per cent.
  • I also saw samples of Essex wheat above 60lb, as well as good wheat from Lincolnshire.
  • Herodotus, Thucydides, Guicciardini, may be taken as fair samples of the class in this respect.
  • I have endeavored in the engraving below to reproduce the shadows thrown by different samples of glass.
  • Letters and drawings, photographs and samples of ores were piling in upon him from all parts of the country.
  • The information then is passed on to the copy writing staff and samples of the goods are studied for selling points.
  • All samples submitted for judging shall be fair average samples of the crop and not selected specimens.
  • Samples of doubtful specimens may be sent to the laboratories for analysis, but the bulk of the chemical should not be used.
  • I am sending you a few samples of the delivered cotton, any child can see that they are different from the buying sample.
  • The samples of milk are sedimented in a small centrifuge, and an examination of the sediment made with the microscope.
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