Sandy In A Sentence

Definition of Sandy

Covered with sand. | Sprinkled with sand. | Containing sand.

How To Use Sandy In A Sentence?

  • Arenicolous: applied to species frequenting sandy areas.
  • He crossed a shallow arroyo, sandy and wide.
  • Turn the wheel over to Sandy if you have to.
  • On its sandy bed the happy boy found bright pebbles.
  • Old Sandy was still sleeping.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sandy | Sandy Sentence

  • To dig the sandy shore.
  • Eels lay on the sandy spots.
  • Perhaps a beautiful sandy seashore.
  • This is a fault of sandy soils.
  • A sandy bottom shows.
  • This valley was very sandy and hard to walk over.
  • Kind of a tall man with a sandy beard?
  • The country is fearfully sandy and dry.
  • After that we dug away the sandy subsoil.
  • So they beached the canoes on a sandy shore.
  • Sabulose: sandy or gritty.
  • Single egg laid on the sandy beach.
  • Three eggs laid on the sandy beach.
  • The sandy bar was in reality the end of the passage.
  • Immortelles are bleached paper white on sandy hills.
  • The land very level with poor sandy soil.
  • It was sandy soi1 and dug quite easily.
  • The nets are set near the sandy shore.
  • Land tortoises are also common in the sandy regions.
  • Reaches a low, sandy island.
  • Psammophilous: living in sandy places.
  • Arenose: a surface that is sandy or gritty.
  • It nestles in sandy rocks and uninhabited islands.
  • Low hills and sandy waste and sparse shrubs.
  • It is five years old and on sandy soil.
  • And then the bow of the canoe grated on the sandy shore.
  • It was of sandy texture, reddish in color.
  • His two equally sandy sisters clucked their approval.
  • We chose a smooth sandy spot under a wall of rock.
  • A wee, sandy fellow about up to her shoulder!
  • He had stolen an old sandy female swine with six pigs.
  • For sour-krautt gobblers, sandy and sardonic!
  • The wet, sandy path took it admirably.
  • It was very plain to Sandy now.
  • The prison was set among arid country in sandy plains.
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