Sanest In A Sentence

Definition of Sanest

superlative form of sane: most sane

How To Use Sanest In A Sentence?

  • Accordingly, his advice was followed on this occasion, as being the sanest and most sensible.
  • It was no policy that was safe for any but the strongest and sanest of minds, and even for those it had ceased to be safe.
  • Two qualities which were very dear to him he designated as sane and safe, and he had hitherto regarded his counsel as the sanest and safest of men.
  • And with Horace L. Traubel I assert that Whitman was the sanest man I ever saw.
  • In a letter, which deserves to be quoted in spite of its length, he states very clearly the opinions of one of the sanest of Americans.
  • He was listened to with respect and attention, and was considered to have the sanest viewpoint and the widest fund of information of any delegate there.
  • According to the sanest views of the psychology of religion, the whole mind as intellect, sensibility and will functions in the religious consciousness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sanest | Sanest Sentence

  • He is one of the sanest and sincerest of men.
  • The delirium of speculation whirled the sanest minds.
  • I'm the sanest one here.
  • The next five years were probably the sanest and the busiest in his life.
  • He is the sanest of all the great writers; perhaps the only sane one.
  • Ann, you're the sanest creature I meet anywhere.

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