Sang in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sang

1. Birds sang in their cages. 🔊

2. Tommy sang his constant praises. 🔊

3. She never sang nor played. 🔊

4. The gentlemen clinked glasses and sang in unison. 🔊

5. The woman who sang into that machine is alive to-day. 🔊

6. After dinner Dulcie sang for them. 🔊

7. Again Du Sang appeared abstracted. 🔊

8. As she rowed backwards and forwards she sang softly to herself. 🔊

9. She never sang anything that was not of eighteenth-century origin. 🔊

10. They sang of their little home and of the eggs that lay within it. 🔊

11. It was her first mocking-bird; she had not known they sang at night. 🔊

12. She took up her lute and sang to him, a song of youth and springtime. 🔊

13. She had forgotten how big and warm it was, even when he sang out of tune. 🔊

14. The people sang and danced around, and they ate and drank everything in sight. 🔊

15. Then became I a wood-bird, and sang on the spray, Fly away! 🔊

How to use Sang in Sentences?

1. Upon them she fastened her whole expression, and she sang with assiduous calmness. 🔊

2. With a voice which had mastered the world, she sang the best of the masters of the world. 🔊

3. The lark soaring upwards sang the same song of liberty and hope all through the unending day. 🔊

4. And they sang of the happy time when five little birds would come to be loved and cared for. 🔊

5. Maenads: the nymphs who danced and sang in honor of Bacchus, the god of vegetation and the vine. 🔊

6. I revived and recovered my warmth; but now the reaction had come, and I sang through tears. 🔊