Sap in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sap

1. This sap is the blood of the plant. 🔊

2. Bend into position before the sap sinks. 🔊

3. Is it not the sunlight and the sap in the leaves? 🔊

4. It is this sap which is so good for the blood. 🔊

5. Equalise the sap as far as possible. 🔊

6. The year turns when the sap runs. 🔊

7. So the sap flows up into the leaves and meets the air. 🔊

8. The sap stirs now, ye say? 🔊

9. Some think it best to prune before the sap begins to run. 🔊

10. The same sap makes sweet apples and sour apples. 🔊

11. Eens heeft datzelfde kaf dus tier en sap gehad. 🔊

12. Tens una llengua que sap dir la veritat, Davie. 🔊

13. The sap came to the little apple plant all the time it was growing. 🔊

14. The nut grafting must all be done late when the sap is up in the trees. 🔊

15. For within this lonely cell, Stagnate sap of life and sense. 🔊

How to use Sap in Sentences?

1. Do these proceedings threaten to sap the bulwarks on which men at present depend? 🔊

2. The ribs of a leaf have fine passages or pipes in them through which the sap flows. 🔊

3. Maple sugar is made by the evaporation of the sap obtained from a species of the maple tree. 🔊

4. In twenty-four hours a flying sap was thrown out with a rapidity of execution unequalled. 🔊