Sarcasm In A Sentence

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  • There was no sarcasm in the tone.
  • But my sarcasm was lost on him.
  • Was there the faintest of sarcasm in her voice?
  • This sarcasm rankled in our bosoms.
  • But the sarcasm was no longer needed.
  • There is the very faintest touch of sarcasm in his tone.
  • I understood the cold sarcasm of the message.
  • They say sarcasm is out of place in such holy matters.
  • Nor had she taken pains to hide the sarcasm in her voice.
  • The kindly sarcasm missed its mark, however.
  • A flood of derision and sarcasm will be let loose upon us.
  • But Captain Jerry was oblivious to sarcasm just then.
  • The sarcasm fell quite flat on Mr. Lazarus Lowch.
  • There was no stinging sarcasm in the girl's voice.
  • He smiled when the shafts of her sarcasm were thrown point-blank at him.
  • Use sarcasm with caution, and beware of any seeming of triumph.
  • The bitterness, the sarcasm of her manner were pitiful to see.
  • Berta's voice veered from sarcasm to genuine anxiety.
  • She changed her tone from sarcasm to a soft and even dreamy note.
  • For sarcasm to be effective, the user of it must be met halfway.
  • However, sarcasm or none, there was the answer, and he had to be content.
  • For a moment Kendall thought his sister was resorting to sarcasm or frivolity.
  • Of course I was met with irony, sarcasm and uproarious laughter.
  • Still she was silent, for the sarcasm in Erskine's voice was angering her.

How To Use Sarcasm In A Sentence?

  • Surprise and sarcasm and bitter disappointment were all in her tone as she asked these questions.
  • She receives the sarcasm in all seriousness and then speaks to him as she would to a child.
  • There was not a tinge of sarcasm or bitterness in these words, nothing but gratitude.
  • Their biting sarcasm and scathing rebuke are often mirrors which reveal us to ourselves.
  • A voice vibrant with sarcasm rose from one of the women about the steaming kettle.
  • I looked at him to detect a possible sarcasm in the words, but his face was innocent.
  • Whenever provoked, he brought his batteries of merciless sarcasm into play with deadly effect.
  • He looked at Urquhart, whom he met for the first time, with a touch of sarcasm in his smile.
  • The sarcasm was not lost on Truxton King, but he was not inclined to resent it.
  • But his sarcasm was wasted on Rufus who arose, yawning, when Wallie indicated that he was ready.
  • A polite inclination of an admirably turned head and neck concealed the sarcasm of this equivocal compliment.
  • No doubt he was delighted to see them; for their coming proved how thoroughly his sarcasm had gone home.
  • Could all this be the very essence of the art of acting, concealing the most murderous sarcasm ever dreamed of by a terrified author?
  • He recounted the events of the night before with stinging sarcasm in proof of Brian's regularity.
  • Like many men who have a strong spirit of banter in them, Calvert was vexed and mortified when his sarcasm did not wound.
  • Instead of returning her silent greeting, William grinned back at her a cold stare of sarcasm or of rage.

Definition of Sarcasm

(uncountable) Use of acerbic language to mock or convey contempt, often using irony and (in speech) often marked by overemphasis and a sneering tone of voice. | (countable) An act of sarcasm.
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