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  • When the sarcophagi wheeled, then did our horses wheel.
  • They took note of the sarcophagi and pagodas, the artless old maps and medals.
  • Sometimes the bodies of the Sumerians were placed in sarcophagi of clay.

How To Use Sarcophagi In A Sentence?

  • It must have been through this opening that the great sarcophagi had been lowered.
  • The sarcophagi are of a greyer marble than the figures or than the panelling behind them.
  • The day seems to cut into the marble white detachment of the sarcophagi with abrupt candor.
  • The sculptured sarcophagi found in this tomb were removed to the Lateran Museum.
  • It was only the work of a moment to catch up his basket and place in its hold the small stone sarcophagi of jewels.
  • I remember well the beginning of this work, and the marble tombs and sarcophagi which it brought to light.
  • Mummies are limited, whether they be in sealed sarcophagi or sit behind roller-top desks and cut coupons.
  • In the second, the four-horned skulls of rams on the sides of the supports of the sarcophagi are very feeble and poor in design.
  • We turned for comfort to a chapel on the right, where in four sarcophagi of porphyry are deposited the remains of the Northern sovereigns.
  • It was not however in this chamber, but in small lateral grottos that several sarcophagi in granite, basalt, white quartz, &c., were found.

Definition of Sarcophagi

plural of sarcophagus
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