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How To Use Sardine In A Sentence?

  • The same method of netting as is practised for sardine fishing is employed for salmon.
  • The woman protested she had not got the knife, so he took the sardine and ran off.
  • When the heat was very great I would abandon my sketch as soon as the sardine stage arrived.
  • When she ordered a brandy-and-soda to drink with the sardine she was dissecting he liked her still less.
  • Three nights I swashed in my greasy bunk, like a solitary sardine in a box with the side knocked out.
  • Sweetbread sandwiches, sardine sandwiches, egg sandwiches, are delicious and easily prepared variations upon the everlasting ham and tongue.
  • But one look at the shrieking mob trying to sardine itself into the Seventh Avenue subway entrance had convinced him it was better to walk.
  • And suddenly an object in the grass struck the sight like a lantern flashed at dead of night: it proved to be an empty sardine tin pricked by a stray lance from the slanting sun.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sardine | Sardine Sentence

  • A life was sardine to play.
  • They eat the sardine and vanish into the night.
  • A gloomy waiter lays a sardine on the table.
  • To Emmett it was like crawling into a sardine can.
  • Frank brushed the tail of a sardine from the corner of his mouth.
  • Silver and black on flank and back, The glossy sardine mourns its head.

Definition of Sardine

to fish for sardines | to pack or cram together tightly. | Any one of several species of small herring which are commonly preserved in olive oil or in tins for food, especially the pilchard, or European sardine Sardina pilchardus (syn. Clupea pilchardus). The California sardine Sardinops sagax (syn. Clupea sagax) is similar. The American sardines of the Atlantic coast are mostly the young of the Atlantic herring and of the menhaden.
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