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  • He appeared sardonic and businesslike.
  • Lumley looked into his face with a sardonic grin.
  • Malone looked them over with a somewhat sardonic eye.
  • You caught her sardonic eye fixed on you contemptuously.
  • There was a sardonic grin on his thin peaked face.
  • A sardonic flash seemed to play on the nobleman.
  • Of his somewhat sardonic shrewdness this is a good example.
  • Unlike the other topers, he was a sardonic critic.
  • Malhomme asked with his rumbling, sardonic voice.
  • He gave a slight, sardonic smile.
  • She kept repeating that, with sardonic inflexible eyes.
  • Henry Stillman laughed his sardonic laugh.
  • He was like that, a soft-voiced, sardonic devil!
  • But Somerled's a sardonic sort of chap, don't you think?
  • Already a sardonic grin was loosening the corners of his compressed lips.
  • Somewhere in the garden a little sardonic laugh was clipt to silence.
  • Simply because you get a kick out of insulting us with sardonic ideas.
  • Miss Letitia's sardonic chuckle came through the door.
  • Mr. Alloyd turned on him with a sardonic and half-benevolent gleam.
  • And with a sardonic smile I threw myself back in my seat and folded my arms.
  • John Mark bowed with a sardonic smile, but his face was colorless.
  • His sardonic comment brought a sudden chill to Kenneth Torrance.

How To Use Sardonic In A Sentence?

  • And the wicked one would look over his shoulder and then utter a sardonic laugh.
  • But he only looked a little more gravely at her, though his sardonic eye-brow twitched.
  • Steele spoke now; his dark eyes shone strangely; a sardonic expression lurked there.
  • Just smiled, a sardonic sort of grimace, and unbuckled his belt and handed it over without a word.
  • They were by themselves now, yet the last speech drew from Radford a sufficiently sardonic grin.
  • Like Jake, they noticed at once the sardonic furrows, set mouth, frown above the glittering eyes.
  • The eyes of the two men met; those of Lord Ronsdale were full of sardonic meaning.
  • The little dwarf also glanced now and then at them with her pleasant and sardonic smile and with an unruffled patience.
  • The incongruity struck the prisoner so forcibly that for a moment he was on the verge of another explosion of sardonic laughter.
  • Both contempt and malice were expressed for his antagonist in his half-shut eyes and the sardonic twist of the corners of his mouth.
  • The whites of his eyes were like an inner ring of brick-red skin, but it was their blue that flamed with sardonic humour.
  • With another sardonic laugh for his dashed hopes, he rose jerkily, as if he was ready to go anywhere at once.
  • The danger of the thing, and danger there certainly would be in the vicinity of him of the sardonic profile, appealed to him more and more keenly.
  • The cheeks were sunk into furrows of gray stubble and had sagged into sardonic ridges round the thin, wavering line of the mouth.
  • What he himself seemed to enjoy most in his talk was his sardonic humor, which he made play upon men and things like lurid freaks of lightning.
  • Erastus Hopkins well knew this feeling, and smiled in his pompous and most sardonic manner when he learned who was his opponent.
  • Her big chair almost swallowed her tiny figure, the sardonic expression had entirely left her face, which appeared at once noble and loving.
  • This remark, delivered with a sardonic dryness, appeared to rekindle Willitts' anger.

Definition of Sardonic

Scornfully mocking or cynical. | Disdainfully or ironically humorous.
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