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  • A sweater, a sarong and a peek-a-boo bang.
  • He wore a sarong or Malay petticoat and a green jacket.

How To Use Sarong In A Sentence?

  • There was a great variety of silk weaving of every conceivable shape and style, the sarong being prominent.
  • So he entered and closed the door, presenting a full view of his broad, white-uniformed back, and the gaudy-blue sarong about his waist.
  • Her orange sarong was so tightly wound about her that she might as well have been wearing a wet silk bathing-suit, so far as concealing her figure was concerned.
  • It is also said that the women then adopted the same dress as the men, the panung, a garment something like the sarong but drawn up in the middle, front and back.

Definition of Sarong

A garment made of a length of printed cloth wrapped about the waist that is commonly worn by men and women in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and the Pacific islands.
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