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  • Perhaps the satiny upper arm decided his next action.
  • A warm, satiny cheek floated down to rest upon his forehead.
  • She put her arms round the satiny neck, and they mutely comforted each other.
  • She fearlessly patted Marjolin's satiny chin.
  • Holosericeus: with short, dense, silky hair, giving a satiny lustre.

How To Use Satiny In A Sentence?

  • Their plumage has a peculiar satiny appearance and is quite dazzling when viewed in the sunlight.
  • Sahwah smoothed the brown satiny forehead lovingly, and laughed at herself for a suspicious idiot.
  • The reddish brown wood is light, easily worked, and beautifully satiny when polished.
  • She was visualizing the Channel steamer, and the Latin Quarter, and satiny upper-arms.
  • On the under-side the lower wings were satiny white, with the marginal spots half black and half yellow.
  • An understandable light came and flickered across their satiny surface as Peter looked inquiringly into them.
  • Coarse, soft, and brittle, it is satiny when polished, and attractively streaked with orange and green.
  • Its succulent stems have a spreading habit and bear many satiny flowers of a deep purplish-pink, which open in the bright sunshine.
  • The attitude allowed the wide-sleeved tea-gown into which she had changed to fall away from her upper arm, showing her satiny triceps.
  • The satiny grain of the wood, and its close hard texture, commended it to the woodsman, who used it for gun stocks.
  • The room which had been her father's and mother's was entirely empty, and the roses on the satiny wall-paper gleamed out as if they were real.
  • Then she gently slipped her bare arm into the water; it was not a very plump arm, and its veins showed softly blue beneath its satiny skin.
  • The faintest rise of collar bone showed under the satiny skin, fine as a magnolia petal, the color of faintly tinted meerschaum.
  • I picked up a few satiny shavings from the heap, stuck one in my mouth, and the other in my pocket for by-and-by, and continued my journey.
  • After a little Jean's sobs ceased, though tears still fell upon the satiny head.
  • A slender string of pearls gleamed softly on the satiny skin, but Maud Barrington wore no other adornment and did not need it.
  • Lean out a little and you will see a flash of jewels and satiny silk in that one in front of us; evidently some wealthy natives are among the guests.
  • The five cells are satiny white within, and are each filled with an oval mass of cream-coloured pulp, imbedded in which are two or three seeds about the size of chestnuts.

Definition of Satiny

Like satin, smooth and shiny, glossy.
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