Satisfaction In A Sentence

How To Use Satisfaction In A Sentence?

  • But she thought with satisfaction that this was the beginning of a perpetual holiday.
  • Joan accomplished much in the way of by-product to this satisfaction of her vanity.
  • It was, at all events, a satisfaction to be able to veto this last proposition.
  • But there was also, in spite of the perplexities we faced, an immense satisfaction about that day.
  • He uttered a shout of satisfaction and waved aloft the tin box, its dripping covering about it.
  • I did not feel respectable, but I got a certain amount of satisfaction out of feeling safe.
  • In a few days he had the satisfaction of hearing that Independence was taken and Foster defeated.
  • And so it was settled, much to the satisfaction of Frank and the happiness of Jacob.
  • The corn gave no sign, and she thought with satisfaction of her new companion, Miss Perkins.
  • He even flushed with satisfaction at my request, which I made, as I ever do, rather impertinently.
  • As he read the account, a little jealousy crept into the satisfaction which he had felt as he began.
  • She had said them right once at rehearsal, but had not since been able to reproduce to her satisfaction a certain effect of voice.
  • People derived lively satisfaction from its disclosure that the metropolis was "cool" and unafraid under fire.
  • The product of this process is the fast conjunction of the ego with itself, its satisfaction realised, and itself made actual.
  • The face that Alice turned on her showed a curious mixture of humility over the criticism and satisfaction over the compliment.
  • I pulled back mightily, and had the satisfaction of tumbling backward with him into the wagon-box, but not before he had briefly sampled the wolf.
  • As a landlord, his dealings with us were such as gave unqualified satisfaction and were marked by justice, impartiality, and very great indulgence.
  • The pleasure such perception affords works in two ways: it is a satisfaction in achievement past, and a stimulus to achievement yet to come.
  • Hitherto we had had mere weather; this was a pronounced case of meteorology: until then I had taken no special satisfaction in the word.
  • It was, apart from the pecuniary relief that his coming had brought us, a great satisfaction to have old Joe again with us.
  • My eagerness impeded me, and I did not conclude it to Clo's genuine satisfaction after all.
  • I suppose it was the romanticism of growing age which set our man to relate his experience for his own satisfaction or for the wonder of his posterity.
  • James then finished the report of his proceedings, and General Wolfe expressed his great satisfaction at the result.
  • If I regret that my countrymen in England borrow the trick of begging from the native, it is some satisfaction to have them excel in it.
  • He was too proud a man, too honourable, I will add, not to throw down his last guinea, in satisfaction of such demands.
  • Leaving Bruno to guard, Harry climbed the tree, and to his satisfaction had a good view of the country.
  • I suppose it was because she had so long climbed the stairs of others that she took such complete satisfaction in the two shabby little rooms to which she gave the name.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Satisfaction | Satisfaction Sentence

  • That was all the satisfaction she would give him.
  • No satisfaction is made to retributive justice.
  • It is a satisfaction to know that there is a sufficient stock of ammunition.
  • Few things could have afforded me greater satisfaction than this.
  • Is that Sufficient satisfaction for you? PHOR.
  • Indeed, they are a source of positive satisfaction and delight.
  • He showed satisfaction as he took possession of his well-earned reward.
  • Then he recalled his gray hair, and found some satisfaction in it.
  • Every mark and every dint was noted with satisfaction by the furtive eyes.
  • He certainly expected to find this satisfaction in Calvinism, if anywhere.
  • Now, it is very true, that Christ has made a satisfaction to divine justice.
  • I failed to get the least satisfaction from any one at the War Office.
  • Plume's satisfaction and nonchalant air vexed the Scotchman.

Definition of Satisfaction

A fulfillment of a need or desire. | The pleasure obtained by such fulfillment. | The source of such gratification.
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