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How To Use Satisfactorily In A Sentence?

  • But you can settle all this more satisfactorily with the aid of your own musical authorities.
  • It is really very difficult to go on satisfactorily with such a writer as this.
  • This is the one reason that satisfactorily explains both the theories and the facts.
  • To understand it satisfactorily it is necessary to commence the narrative at the beginning.
  • Just why this is has not been satisfactorily accounted for, but the fact remains.
  • Even if the workman passes the test satisfactorily it is recorded and tells against him.
  • So that out of this number the orbits of not more than half a dozen are satisfactorily known.
  • Unless the case were satisfactorily cleared up there would be plenty of people to suspect me.
  • With a little care any intelligent editor could have satisfactorily performed what was wanted.
  • I made a point of assuring her that everything went off satisfactorily to the three of us.
  • But no man can satisfactorily draw the line between the lower members of the two kingdoms.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Satisfactorily | Satisfactorily Sentence

  • How satisfactorily romantic!
  • The table was satisfactorily decorated.
  • It progressed satisfactorily to the end.
  • His services can be most satisfactorily dispensed with.
  • Walland explained satisfactorily to the jury.
  • Our ascent was satisfactorily accomplished.
  • The result has been quite satisfactorily brought out.
  • Try and arrange everything satisfactorily for us.
  • I doubt if it has been satisfactorily performed yet.
  • Its origin has never been satisfactorily explained.
  • And he was so safe, too, so satisfactorily solid.
  • But I proved this satisfactorily to myself long ago.
  • It was all very strange and had never been satisfactorily explained.
  • How then can he dispute satisfactorily with any one who knows?
  • This question has never been satisfactorily answered in the affirmative.
  • This omission can not be satisfactorily explained as a mere oversight.
  • She has generally prearranged satisfactorily with another man.
  • That it is capable of being solved satisfactorily there is no doubt whatever.
  • It is extremely difficult to answer satisfactorily any of these questions.
  • Flammingen's affairs are satisfactorily adjusted.
  • These violent wind-storms have never been satisfactorily accounted for.
  • This desideratum the aid of philology will be found satisfactorily to supply.
  • A few hours served to arrange matters satisfactorily to all parties.
  • No estimate has ever been satisfactorily obtained of the loss of the enemy.
  • Glycerine is sometimes added, and is more satisfactorily milled in.
  • Everything will go on satisfactorily now, you'll find.
  • There are many uses of wood which nothing else will satisfactorily supply.
  • But it no longer matters, now that everything has been satisfactorily settled.
  • The necessary cross-walks may be satisfactorily made with coal-ashes.

Definition of Satisfactorily

In a satisfactory manner, in a manner adequate to requirements.
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