Satisfactory In A Sentence

Definition of Satisfactory

Done to satisfaction; adequate or sufficient. | Causing satisfaction; agreeable or pleasant. | (theology) Making atonement for a sin; expiatory.

How To Use Satisfactory In A Sentence?

  • But this does not seem to be a satisfactory reply to the difficulty in question.
  • This is the only course that promises the least prospect of a satisfactory result.
  • Now, is this a sufficient and satisfactory reply to the argument of the atheist?
  • None of them proved satisfactory to my parents, and they were even less so to me.
  • The more perfect the atmosphere of credulity, the more satisfactory the manifestations.
  • It was a choice and satisfactory menagerie, this pensive poet and this gladsome gorilla.
  • This satisfactory state of things achieved, there was little reason left for fighting.
  • His situation was in reality, however, considerably less satisfactory than it seemed.
  • Mr. Brewer has in most respects performed his work as editor in a satisfactory manner.
  • Yet this was hardly satisfactory to the progressive folk of the Black River valley.
  • This appeared to be satisfactory to Mrs. Yorke, or, at least, she said no more.
  • Of the poet's physical traits we have no very satisfactory description or likeness.
  • There are many who feel that more experimental data is required before a conclusive and satisfactory theory can be set up.
  • The sight had given him a curious feeling which he had tried to analyze but had been unable to find a satisfactory name for it.
  • This consideration furnishes an easy and satisfactory solution of a problem, by which necessitarians are sadly perplexed.
  • The curved rails against which the back would rest are the only parts which are not thoroughly correct and satisfactory in a wood structure.
  • For only when the engine is kept cool and properly oiled can it be expected to run smoothly or give satisfactory service.
  • She was still dwelling on these satisfactory deductions when there was a sudden rustling among the dead leaves and a noise of footsteps.
  • The pictures with which they are decorated generally represent tortured saints, and are even less satisfactory than the buildings themselves.
  • In carrying out this assurance everything else must follow, and therefore it is sufficient and satisfactory to our citizens.
  • The hotel they had stayed at let them put two in the lobby, and they covered the town in a way satisfactory to themselves.
  • These solutions admit the very principle which necessarily creates the difficulty, and renders a satisfactory answer impossible.
  • But before we commence our regular work, let me say that without laborious study no satisfactory progress can be made.
  • A diaper pattern that repeats many times in the centre is preferable, as the pattern can then be seen in a satisfactory manner.
  • It had been our world for these years, a world set apart, distant and unknown; but it had been satisfactory until now.
  • Freedom, good sleep, and satisfactory travelling make up for all annoyances but vermin, and these are still hybernating.
  • She is able to see clearly any losses her visitors may have sustained, and will give satisfactory information in regard to the way of recovery.
  • We are usually left to vague generalities, which convey no definite information, and furnish no satisfactory guidance to our minds.
  • No satisfactory effect can be got in light and shade upon any woven or printed fabric; besides, to attempt such a mode of treatment is absurd.
  • The dispensary doctors do not form a satisfactory feature of Irish life, simply because the farmers elect individuals out of friendship.
  • Besides, landscapes, groups of flowers, and figures are spoiled if in part hidden, provided they are satisfactory when the whole is seen.
  • Mr. S. has travelled through the greater part of the world in the last forty-two years, and is willing to give the most satisfactory information.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Satisfactory | Satisfactory Sentence

  • These were not at all satisfactory to her.
  • But it is not a satisfactory answer.
  • Little that is satisfactory can result from casting.
  • To this there are two satisfactory answers.
  • This was satisfactory to Keith, and he said so.
  • It's a very satisfactory ride from here to town and back.
  • My uncle saw there was nothing satisfactory to be learnt in this quarter.
  • While these highly satisfactory words were being addressed to poor Fitz.

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