Satisfies in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Satisfies

1. Supposing my life here satisfies me? 🔊

2. It satisfies his instincts. 🔊

3. He satisfies no curiosity on this subject. 🔊

4. It satisfies all my mental appetites. 🔊

5. I have nothing that satisfies me yet. 🔊

6. There is nothing that satisfies but the truth. 🔊

7. It satisfies neither party. 🔊

8. It may work but it satisfies nobody. 🔊

9. This satisfies the rational postulates of religion. 🔊

10. The Bible no longer satisfies me. 🔊

11. This reasoning satisfies her; she believes it perfectly adequate. 🔊

12. It no longer satisfies the ambition of a great man to be king or emperor. 🔊

13. It satisfies deep desires, but in it desires for we know not what are aroused. 🔊

14. After all, empty homage satisfies no real want of the heart. 🔊

15. I know the feeling that satisfies for I have had it a few times. 🔊

How to use Satisfies in Sentences?

1. Tobacco satisfies hunger somewhat by deadening the parts of the body that are calling for food. 🔊

2. It is not the less sublime, in that it satisfies the intellect as well as the feelings. 🔊

3. But no drama yet produced satisfies him, and he tells the reasons why without hesitation. 🔊

4. The landscape of this Tuscan highland satisfies me more and more with sense of breadth and beauty. 🔊

5. It proves that I have succeeded in making the old man uncomfortable, and satisfies me. 🔊

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