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  • What a lie it was, and how satisfying it had been!
  • After satisfying his hunger, he went out to explore.
  • There was a satisfying strength about McLean.
  • But they were all needed for the work of satisfying divine justice.
  • The reputation is quite as satisfying as any material prosperity gained.
  • They were so satisfying too, that he felt no desire for food.
  • Before satisfying needs you must create the wherewithal to satisfy them.
  • It was the most satisfying sensation Burckhardt had ever had in his life.
  • McLean thought, satisfying a recovered appetite, a trifle depressing.

How To Use Satisfying In A Sentence?

  • There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to speak out of what is filling your soul.
  • So it will not do to count on their contributions of wheat and maize satisfying all the wants.
  • It was not a case between them of satisfying the exigencies of a parent out of a sense of duty.
  • So Missy conceived for her a creation that would be at once satisfying to wearer and beholder.
  • In marriage, husband and wife wage the subtle, satisfying war of sex upon each other.
  • But there was no satisfying me; so I must go to poking out my lips after a buss.
  • This work," he says, "is not to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying our desires.
  • I do not in the least suppose that the food in general would be satisfying or other than dreadfully monotonous.
  • He thought a beautiful reproduction or facsimile would be as satisfying to the critics as a view of the original.
  • These last are after satisfying the two chief desires of primitive man by the very latest gadgets in scientific legislation.
  • They planned the research on a thoroughly satisfying scale, and arranged their lives almost entirely for it.
  • Let there be plain surfaces as well as ornamented parts, and the effect will be more satisfying than if all be covered with ornament.
  • Again and yet again she turned to meet it, and thus would surely have at length its satisfying answer.
  • Still, however, sufficient materials are to be found for satisfying all reasonable curiosity on the subject.
  • The mystic ecstasy is a special sensual ecstasy, it is the senses satisfying themselves with a self-created object.
  • She had invented new combinations, always holding to the idea of satisfying the substantial appetites of men.
  • The first question is easier than the last to answer, yet there are some materials for satisfying curiosity in regard to both.
  • The possibility of satisfying these wants is here laid on the social fabric, the general stock from which all derive their satisfaction.
  • But he persevered, and gathered such a quantity that in ten minutes he and his companions were enjoying a really satisfying meal.
  • In their entirety they were meant to form a cycle of unified knowledge, satisfying the needs of theory as well as practice.
  • He hurried after, determined to overtake him, and to make a full and satisfying perusal of his face and figure.
  • Alice sat for a long time turning over in her mind what steps to take in order to get the means for satisfying her miserable appetite.
  • And she paid him the compliment of suggesting be must be clever enough to take it, for she seemed to expect a satisfying answer.
  • After satisfying their appetites they visited the other room of the cabin, which was fitted up as the living room of a family of the olden time.
  • What we need, what we believe all feel now the need of, is a conception of government satisfying to the multitude of common people.
  • The timbers would crack, break; the whole side of the house would come out with a grand satisfying smash.
  • The latter peered into their faces as they came up, and, after satisfying themselves that the coast was clear, led the way into the store.
  • It may interest you to know that I am now on my second carafe of this wholesome, delicious and satisfying beverage.
  • There was something satisfying in its plainness; a sense of something honest and intimately right; a suggestion of solid worth and homely ease.
  • After satisfying him that nothing had ever been offered here, I discussed his quadrature, which was of no use.
  • It was satisfying to despoil Thayendanega's snakes, even though only to a slight extent.

Definition of Satisfying

That satisfies, gratifies or pleases. | present participle of satisfy
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