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  • We will get out and saunter among the ponds.
  • We saunter across the island and back again.
  • The two lads continued to saunter along.
  • Colliver watched the trim advertising man saunter off.
  • And he began to saunter back towards his hotel.
  • Then came a leisurely saunter through the Hills.
  • Let us saunter now in the sunny gardens of the Alcazar.
  • Walk out again into the cold and saunter home to the fire.
  • Do you think art is so easy that you can afford to saunter over it?
  • I saw him saunter down to the water's edge.
  • While we were eating the luscious pink fruit neighbours began to saunter up.
  • They stroll up and down the streets, they saunter out upon the public places.
  • Then I shall saunter down nonchalantly while they are in the hall.
  • I felt I must go out and saunter in the wonderful moonlight.

How To Use Saunter In A Sentence?

  • But linger and saunter through it, and you are caught by the heels in a moment.
  • He only nodded carelessly, and continued to saunter about as if no bull was near him.
  • The men saunter off to the sheds to get the horses, and the women chat while they wait.
  • Tawdrily dressed girls saunter along the sidewalks, or loll from the window-sills.
  • Mr Russ and I used to saunter down to the water's edge to have an hour or two's fishing.
  • To-morrow we shall saunter on to Dawlish, and so at last reach Plymouth, I believe.
  • We saunter across the lawn and find that a sort of exhibition game for the amusement of the guests is going on.
  • Shorty being in disguise, it was decided that he should saunter down apart from the rest and take his place in the caboose.
  • To saunter back to the house late in the warm afternoon with a string of fish over his shoulder and a book under his arm!
  • And each boy made up his mind that during his term as sentry nothing could induce him to saunter near that marked territory.
  • As no carriages and wagons rush by, it is perfectly safe for one to saunter along the streets half asleep.
  • You remember those slagersjongens that saunter about, in white linen coats, with great protruding baskets on their shoulders.
  • Those from the University are dressed more carefully and elegantly and saunter along carrying canes instead of books.
  • After we had begun work in the morning, he would saunter down to the kitchen and have his coffee, the one person of leisure in the establishment.
  • Rarely, if she forgot the appointment, he would saunter past the house, and whistle till she came out.
  • Emily Louise had seen her starting, with sidewise glance and lingering saunter should any be meaning to overtake her.
  • It seemed most casual, the saunter of this pleasant idler; the keenest observer would never have guessed purpose in his stroll.
  • Old women of the people, little children of the people, saunter and gambol in the walled court or feed the ducks in the neglected moat.
  • Friends walk together, farmers saunter along the road or back on the farms to "take a look" at things.
  • They had both lowered their voices instinctively, seeing Vincent emerge from the house-door and saunter towards them immaculate in a gray suit.
  • About the same time John Barret went off alone for a saunter in one of the nearest and most picturesque of the neighbouring glens.
  • Tom, I think, would have liked to saunter below about this time, but to his credit let it be known that he did nothing of the sort.
  • Rosie would make a dash for her machine, Good Lookin' would saunter over to his.
  • Tis a worthless race, For nothing fit but just to milk their cows, And saunter idly up and down the hills.
  • I saunter round endeavouring to fix my mind on the details of the architecture, which are worth more notice than they commonly receive from all save students.

Definition of Saunter

To stroll, or walk at a leisurely pace | A leisurely walk or stroll. | A leisurely pace.
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