Savage In A Sentence

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  • When is a savage active?
  • The savage gentleman.
  • It was a savage sight.
  • They are at once savage and childish.
  • I will never be a savage to you again.
  • There was a savage note in it.
  • It was a savage pull.
  • His savage excitement was on the ebb.
  • The savage howled and begged.
  • Now she loathed him as a savage barbarian.
  • The savage next me slept.
  • Then the savage next me stirred.
  • What a distinction from savage life!
  • He snatched her to him with an ardor as savage as her own.
  • There they kept the savage at bay.
  • A savage in good sooth!
  • He gave me a savage glance.
  • Here be ethics in savage religion.
  • But he had a savage satisfaction in saying it.
  • All this may seem savage in me.
  • A savage growling was the only answer.
  • She had been afraid of his savage temper.
  • Lumley gave him a savage frown.
  • His savage guns have made.
  • Certainly something savage and merciless.
  • And savage mandates of a man.
  • Josh grew savage and soured.
  • These it was that made a savage and a coward of him.
  • A savage growl was the answer.
  • We are not savage when approached as individuals.
  • I saw his savage looks!
  • The savage view natural.
  • He would be a savage animal.
  • In a savage land they do not exist.
  • The savage inmates of the wood retire.

How To Use Savage In A Sentence?

  • Peteiro made another savage swing.
  • The passing of this savage patriotism is inevitable.
  • The credulity of the savage was almost boundless.
  • I suppose it was a quarrel with some savage like himself.
  • He made the same gesture of savage surrender.

Definition of Savage

Wild; not cultivated. | Barbaric; not civilized. | Fierce and ferocious.
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