Savageness In A Sentence

Definition of Savageness

The property of being savage or behaving savagely.

How To Use Savageness In A Sentence?

  • The very savageness of the rent and fissure is made the condition of the purest charm.
  • The Chinese still seem to adhere to the belief that the deadliness of a weapon must be in proportion to the savageness of its aspect.
  • Only the waving of the red flag of Socialism could rouse in him what seemed to us others a certain savageness of intolerance.
  • I have transcribed this title to show, by his contemptuous mention of Usher, that he had now adopted the puritanical savageness of manners.
  • The storm beat upon the string of men with a savageness that appalled Hunt, who had never experienced nature in so bitter a mood.
  • Wade, with savageness of his own, the menacing proximity of MacLeod acting on his anger like bellows on coals.
  • The dainty savageness in the 'bite' Plutarch mentions, evidently struck on a similarity of tastes in both, as it has done with others.
  • I had seen him before, on the fearful night which prepared the attack on the palace; but he was then in the haste and affected savageness of the rabble.
  • But the savageness of the Anglo-Saxon race has full scope to-day, not being on its good behavior, as at home.
  • I did not mean that death I had threatened myself from the mathematics in the paper, but in my heart there was something that rose and answered the sadness in his eyes with again all that savageness of a barbarian.

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