Saved By In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Saved By | Saved By Sentence

  • Saved by presence of mind.
  • Mankind are saved by being served.
  • Society saved by treason!
  • Not one will be saved by repentance.
  • Not one will be saved by his own works.
  • The world was to be saved by organization.
  • Such men are saved by their enemies.
  • The labor saved by this hammer is immense.
  • Rienzi is saved by a steel breastplate under his robes.
  • Time will be saved by buying bushes from the nursery.
  • The world will never be saved by one man.
  • No doubt many lives were saved by his coolness.
  • Again the army was saved by courage and quick action.
  • The child must be saved by special protection.
  • Many an awkward situation has been saved by feminine tact.
  • A great many people think that they can be saved by works.
  • But, oh, will he be saved by that?
  • I have seen many a life saved by a bottle of whisky.
  • Very many were saved by Bill.
  • My life, saved by you, is entirely at your disposal.
  • The situation was saved by Themistocles.
  • Epping Forest was saved by the proof of this right.
  • God had sent him this soul to be saved by him for Heaven.
  • They were already saved by the grace of God.
  • Mandayantika is thus saved by the valour of Makaranda.
  • Remember that Rome was saved by the cackle of geese.
  • Even Sodom would have been saved by ten righteous.
  • Israel, however, was saved by its Levite priests.
  • How can we expect to be saved by an "unknown" God?
  • Saved by the arm Of Theseus and his most dear ministers.
  • When the dear wife, saved by my zeal, loved the Itinerant.
  • The rest of the crew were saved by Lieutenant Dewey.
  • They were saved by the good Bishop, whom I know well.
  • How the City of Lucerne was saved by a Boy.
  • Black-balled by Man, Saved by Christ.

How To Use Saved By In A Sentence?

  • Saved, by thunder!
  • But the situation could not be saved by any degree of repartee.
  • They had no hope that he would be saved by anything they could do.
  • Gray's life was saved by the horse.
  • On the other hand he advised them that each one was saved by his own law.
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