Saved The In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Saved The | Saved The Sentence

  • They saved the house.
  • Had she not saved the kingdom?
  • It was this that saved the day.
  • She had saved the packet.
  • They had saved the victim.
  • Englishman just saved the cavayard.
  • Tell how he saved the fleet.
  • This saved the situation.
  • And she saved the dogs.
  • So they also saved the man.
  • She was saved the ignominy of tears.
  • We barely saved the ship.
  • I had saved the life of this youth.
  • Their valour saved the fort.
  • The artillery saved the army.
  • She was saved the struggle we can see before her.
  • What if the same miracle had saved the outlaw?
  • As some reward for having saved the craft.
  • The bumblebee saved the situation.
  • They saved the passengers and mails.
  • He had saved the life of his lieutenant and lost his own.
  • Elsie saved the situation by bursting in abruptly.
  • Here is the lad who saved the second division.
  • He might have saved the last word.
  • I have deliberately saved the best for last.
  • And therefore saved the father for his children.
  • She saved the gardener by a timely kiss.
  • Jacobs saved the situation by a very simple expedient.
  • An inherent sense of humor saved the girl.
  • But the ready wit of a woman saved the situation.
  • Perhaps she was; but her madness saved the garrison.
  • I know of a case where this idea saved the rider.
  • Your husband died believing he had saved the dam.
  • And that saved the vole, probably.
  • Hellas is saved, and with her saved the world.

How To Use Saved The In A Sentence?

  • He was content; he had saved the village.
  • His tact and common sense saved the situation.
  • Yet good luck saved the day to us.
  • Jan was so happy that he had saved the poor little thing.
  • I am glad of that, because it saved the babies.
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