Saw Some In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Saw Some | Saw Some Sentence

  • Then she saw some stairs.
  • They saw some looking.
  • Andy saw some of the football crowd.
  • We saw some wonderful jugglers here.
  • Ronald saw some little change in her.
  • We saw some warriors chasing us.
  • Then she saw some one lying on the sofa.
  • Then as she looked she saw some movement in the camp.
  • I saw some ripe ones this morning.
  • On his return he saw some hussars roving about.
  • Ere he summoned them they saw some one approaching.
  • In a little while we saw some of the whites in full speed.
  • Out of the corner of his eye he saw some men go down.
  • Far along the coast he saw some little islands.
  • We saw some tracks around the place where the fire was.
  • She saw some distant object that gave her hope.
  • In a few moments he saw some one enter the lodge.
  • And everyone saw some place where he would like to go.
  • Not long after he saw some smoke, so he went.
  • At last he saw some reapers and harvest-women at dinner.
  • This little time-stained book saw some curious scenes.
  • Finally they saw some Serbs there.
  • But she saw some progress in Leonard.
  • I saw some Ainu huts.
  • Then I saw some more marks on the ground.
  • I saw some beauties in the Seabright kennels.
  • I saw some of that for a season or two in the East.
  • I saw some of them as I came along.
  • Pretty soon I saw some lodges.
  • Lady Earle saw some great change in her son.
  • At last she saw some one on the Florence road.
  • On the other side of it she saw some black-eyed Susans.
  • Once I saw some motor transport on a road.
  • Then I saw some little red lights from a fire.
  • Hal and Mab saw some dark green leaves in long rows.

How To Use Saw Some In A Sentence?

  • Once I saw some boys drawing up a small boat in this way.
  • I saw some men going to work, and I joined them.
  • Over there to the south, I think I saw some beetles parked.
  • He and I saw some tough service together in the old M.H.S.
  • We saw some that seemed to have broken down with their own weight.
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