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How To Use Sawing In A Sentence?

  • The occupants of this odorous place were sawing wood in an unsynchronous chorus.
  • It would also imitate the squeaks of the saw when the men were sawing wood.
  • When the sawing has been completed stone-cutters trim and prepare the marble for shipment.
  • The art of sawing stone was alike practiced during prehistoric times in the two hemispheres.
  • An attempt was made to restore its tone by sawing the crack wider, but without success.
  • It is very strange to see two Arab carpenters sawing a beam as you find them in the picture.
  • A band of workmen, who were sawing down a toadstool, rushed away, leaving their tools behind them.
  • One morning was heard a mighty clamoring, With sounds of sawing and planing and hammering.
  • An American who had married a Mexican girl gave me work sawing and chopping wood.
  • And nobody hears a soft little sound, As of sawing or gnawing, somewhere underground.
  • The operation will never succeed until the inherent timidity of sawing or cutting into the wall is overcome.
  • The edge of the box and the scantling were rosined, and it was worked by two men sawing up and down.
  • Suddenly he was awakened by a great clatter about his ears, as if all the workmen in the world were sawing and hammering and building close to him.
  • Peter is sawing away industriously at the offending member; a fisherman ought to understand a more deft use of the knife!
  • And happy were the boys, sitting astride on the branches, and sawing away as if they received wages for all they did.
  • I contrived with much exertion to draw my knife from my pocket, and commenced sawing at the tough thong which confined my wrist.
  • He knew what Jasper and his men were doing and how the portable mill was busy sawing the logs which had been hauled out.
  • Before sawing out the opening we wedged pieces of wood between the logs along the line we were to follow with the saw, so as to keep them in place.
  • Brud, sawing his hatchet blade up and down on the edge of the step below him, made deep notches in the paint while he waited.
  • We heard the clang of the hatchets, and soon came upon men felling timber and sawing up trees into coffin boards.
  • The better plan is to keep the snaffle moving and sawing in his mouth, and from time to time take a sharp pull at the curb.
  • After sawing and splitting what he thought to be sufficient, he carried it into the house by armfuls, and piled it up near the kitchen stove.
  • A surgeon was called, and before long he was able to put the foot in place, but only after sawing off a large piece of bone.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sawing | Sawing Sentence

  • You ought to see him sawing at the curb.
  • Imagine a sawing machine running over your hand.
  • Isak is a woodman, felling trees and sawing logs.
  • Shingle and Heading Sawing Machine.
  • Wrong sawing angle 32 22.
  • The working man is sawing at the branch on which he is seated.
  • He was roused by the sound of sawing and hammering from the tool house.
  • Two minutes and the lead-rope was sawing against the small of his back again.
  • His right arm was sawing the air in meaningless gesticulation.
  • And my long suit is sawing mother's wood.
  • That experience determined me to stick to crosscut sawing every day.
  • Except for the sawing through the shell, the rest is but the work of a moment.
  • While the boys whispered together, the sound of sawing continued.
  • It makes labor a lottery; it makes even sawing wood a species of gambling.
  • Some were sawing stone, some cutting stone, and others breaking stone.
  • In the sawing through a four-foot section of log I had to rest eight times.
  • I thought you'd be sawing wood in Pop Bybee's stateroom by this time!

Definition of Sawing

present participle of saw | The act by which something is sawn. | (usually in the plural) A shaving or fragment of sawn material.
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