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  • I will say goodbye to you.
  • Penny crossed the room to say goodbye.
  • It took them a good quarter of an hour to say goodbye.
  • But I must say goodbye for the present.
  • Dan started to say goodbye to Mr. Hatfield.
  • Well, anyhow, wait a bit, I must say goodbye.
  • I want to get time to go down to the shops and say goodbye to some of the men.
  • I immediately mounted my mule, and without stopping to say goodbye rode off.
  • He did not like parting with Lilac, and it was difficult to say goodbye.
  • And now, it is time to say goodbye for a time to our happy friends in Oz.
  • From there they went to New York, bound for Maine, to say goodbye to the baby.
  • The screen blanked out before Malone could even say goodbye.
  • He would have liked to say goodbye."
  • , 'I can't bear to say goodbye to you.
  • Look up, my darling; let me see your face once more before I say goodbye."
  • Wish me well, dear friend, and help me to say goodbye to the Elder."
  • say goodbye?
  • say goodbye to him.
  • the word--"and say--goodbye to me.
  • "Oh, nothing--nothing, only to say goodbye, Jane.

How To Use Say Goodbye In A Sentence?

  • Finally we had to say goodbye, both realizing the danger but having little choice.
  • Larry and Hunt she managed to say goodbye to in the manner of her new acquaintanceship.
  • Thank Cacama for all he has done in my favor, and say goodbye for me to the princess.
  • He would waste no time in goodbyes, for, he remembered with some bitterness, there were few to say goodbye to.
  • The girl would be sorry for him when she knew all; she might know enough to be sorry for him as it was; in any case it was the game to say goodbye.
  • Before leaving, we wanted once more to see my old aunt in Tsarskoe and we went there to say goodbye.
  • They intended to come back after they had found or failed to find the lost mine and say goodbye to the Everetts.
  • It was such a new thing that she shrank from it with fear, and found it almost as difficult to say goodbye as Peter had done.
  • As they walked out they got a message, to say that Arthur was just starting, and would like to say goodbye.
  • As we went to our buggy at the close of the meeting, the people gathered around to say goodbye, and many were the kindly words and the God-speeds.
  • Baumgartner would be out for hours; he always was, on these early jaunts of his; there would almost be time to wait and say goodbye properly when the girl came down.
  • I feared to beg for either; My heart was in my mouth so much, I could say "Goodbye" to neither.
  • Father said he must be tied up in the stable to prevent him from following the trap, and we all went to say goodbye to him; even Nellie, our nurse, kissed him on the nose.
  • From distant Morjagorskaya, hundreds of versts, walked a bright-eyed Slavic village school teacher to say goodbye to her doughboy friend who was soon to sail for home.
  • I left homestead with a half-formed idea that I was going to visit Bruce, Wisconsin, long enough to say goodbye to Catherine and to release her from any matrimonial involvement she may have felt binding.
  • A week had passed, and we all sat at supper one night in the Mission dining-room, feeling very much depressed in spirits, for the reason that we were going to say goodbye to our kind friends, the Mackenzies, and depart upon our way at dawn on the morrow.
  • The Colonel, who for once forgot his gallantry and remained seated, she kissed upon the forehead, murmuring: "I won't say goodbye to you now, Uncle Roger, because I know you'll be down at the train to-night.
  • Then he said: "I am come to say goodbye, Eve, my old playmate, my best friend."
  • I wish that we had had a chance at least to say goodbye to him and explain that we have been sent to a new station."
  • She has for the last three hours been confined in her chamber, and she was only allowed to come down to say goodbye to you, on her swearing that she would return with the queen to her room."
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