Say Something In A Sentence

How To Use Say Something In A Sentence?

  • She always did say something unexpected.
  • I should inevitably say something rude.
  • She decided to say something charming.
  • She wanted to say something to comfort.
  • He had to make an effort not to say something rude.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Say Something | Say Something Sentence

  • Please say something.
  • Why do not you say something?
  • Some did say something.
  • I waited for him to say something further.
  • I must say something.
  • I should like to say something to you.
  • You might say something.
  • I wish to say something to you.
  • I want to say something.
  • But she must say something more.
  • She could say something.
  • Did he not say something to that effect once?
  • It was incumbent on him to say something.
  • Here let me say something at once.
  • Then he will say something else.
  • It was time for me to say something.
  • Any one can say something.
  • I should want to say something disagreeable.
  • I want to say something so badly.
  • I only wanted to say something horrid.
  • She must say something nice to him at once.
  • I want to say something so particular.
  • Then she waited quite a while for me to say something.
  • Knowing something she could say something.
  • He may say something about you to the nurse.
  • I must say something to deceive him.
  • He felt bound to say something.
  • I will even say something to him for our own credit.
  • He seemed to expect me to say something.
  • He said he wanted to say something to me.
  • Eleanor must say something to break it.
  • I hastened to say something polite.
  • Come, say something to me.
  • Its importance commands that we say something of it here.
  • I always say something stupid.
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