Say That In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Say That | Say That Sentence

  • I say that it was not.
  • I only say that that is all there is.
  • But why does he say that?
  • Say that you walk for me.
  • But who can say that?
  • You can say that to me?
  • I say that because of you.
  • They all say that too.
  • Say that you love me.
  • Is it you who say that?
  • I will say that for him.
  • How can you say that!
  • Strange that you should say that!
  • I will say that you are he.
  • I do not say that this is all.
  • Who did she say that to?
  • Why did you say that?
  • He can say that all is all.
  • Please to say that once again.
  • When did she say that?
  • Who can say that it did not?
  • Who can say that it was not?
  • How you have say that!
  • But they say that they cannot do it.
  • Never say that to me again.
  • Say that you believe me.
  • I cannot say that of the others.
  • Shall we say that this has or has not a name?
  • I have no authority to say that.
  • She had not meant to say that at all.
  • Do you mean to say that?
  • How can he say that the silver was not his?
  • Should he say that word?
  • How dare you say that?
  • Yet who can say that it was not realized?

How To Use Say That In A Sentence?

  • What makes you say that?
  • Who dares say that of me?
  • You shall not say that.
  • You say that she had no money.
  • You say that she does not love you.
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