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  • I'm not saying we were engaged; we weren't.
  • In what we were just saying we were thinking of the very highest minds.
  • I'm not saying we ought not to vote, or that we ought to.
  • They are saying, 'We are Shawnees.
  • Fully an hour passed before Jones halted us, saying we had best try a signal.
  • Then saying, "We shall meet when the new moon comes," he started on his way.
  • As if a storm passed by, Saying, We are twins in death, proud Sun!
  • He released her hands, saying: "We must have no more backward glances.
  • But one spoke out, saying, "We will not give our sister to this evil King.
  • But David smiled, saying: "We are brothers in Glani, Benjamin.
  • As I was saying, we been having quite a visit--getting acquainted.
  • Mr. Van Britt began it by saying, "We don't need any detectives this time.

How To Use Saying We In A Sentence?

  • We cannot have the tonic and bracing sense of vigour by saying we will climb the mountain.
  • As this is the twentieth century, and not the eighteenth, our all going down to the butcher and saying we were sorry made it all right.
  • So, reversing the saying, we may note that a language is an inwardised and mind-appropriated world.
  • My mother was right in saying we can sow and plant and force a harvest by our industry, but one thing must grow of itself, and that is love.
  • Some of his tales were even more curious than he thought them, such as the one Leeby tried to interrupt by saying we must be going.
  • I'm saying we must keep at 'em, or they'll soon slip back again into the old, bad ways.
  • Well, pretty soon everybody was shouting at the same time and Pee-wee was dancing around, saying we were all crazy.
  • But the citizens hated this nobleman, and sent a message after him, saying, We will not have this man reign over us.
  • Let us add, lastly, that, with mediums in a state of trance, who are not conscious of what they are saying, we are exposed to terrible shocks.
  • When the doctor came he gave two hypodermic injections and returned to the camp saying we should wait there for him to catch up to us in the morning.
  • I call that miserable religion which teaches people to be content with saying, "We can do nothing of ourselves," and makes them continue in sin.
  • They were all amazed and glorified God, and were filled with fear, saying, We have seen strange things today.
  • All was still in the room, and the Pastor ended by saying, "We shall see each other again in church," and then went into his study.
  • But, as I was saying, we laid baby in the bed while I was looking for the things, and she just dropped asleep the moment Smithers laid her down.
  • In vain did I assure him it was useless writing unless he would agree to take a much smaller sum; saying we were all poor men, and the most we could possibly raise would not exceed two thousand dollars.
  • But the nobles steadfastly withstood it, saying, "We will die rather than that such a thing be done.
  • After I had sent a note to my wife, saying we might be delayed for an hour or two, I settled down to wait for Bob in the general office, and it was a long wait.
  • Jefferson made our declaration of rights and the fathers signed it, saying, We are born free and equal, created in the image of God; our political rights are inalienable, inseparable from our birth.
  • There was another buzz, a click and an ungodly howl which was followed by the voice of operator ni-yun saying, "We are connecting you.
  • But Alice forestalled any open criticism by saying: "We find we have to leave sooner than we expected.
  • Then they all crowded round her once more, while the Dodo solemnly presented the thimble, saying "We beg your acceptance of this elegant thimble;" and, when it had finished this short speech, they all cheered.
  • I preached again three times on the Lord's day, none saying we wish you not to preach, though many of the hearers did not hear with enjoyment.
  • And we stood at the portal of the church, with the document of our petition, and when he came forth from the baptism we called aloud, saying, "We petition your Piety," and held out the paper.
  • Thomas hurried through unhitching, and without waiting to unharness he stood the horses in their stalls, saying, "We may need them this afternoon again," and took Hughie off to the house straight-way.
  • Shall we clap into't roundly, without hawking or spitting or saying we are hoarse; which are the only prologues to a bad voice?
  • They began to accuse Him, saying, We found this man misleading the people, opposing the tribute tax to Caesar, saying that He is Christ, a king.
  • As I was saying, we have sacrificed all things, and have come to a land whereof the Old World hath scarcely heard, that we might make a new world unto ourselves and painfully seek a path from hence to heaven.
  • They gave full vent to their cries and lamentations, saying: We are now deprived of the blessed presence of him who is the most excellent among the three sorts of beings, men, Nats, and Brahmas.
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