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  • Daugherty says its worth mebby five hundred.
  • Ruth Bellenden says its truth.
  • Gould says its colour is "clear yellow."
  • says:--"Its heroine is at once original and charming."

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  • He rattled off these words as a listless child says its alphabet without thinking of a letter.
  • During a part of that time, he says, its condition was not such as to prevent a farmer from taking a load of hay over it.
  • It was swollen, and was magnificent in appearance, and was washing with its yellow mane, or, as Boileau says, its "slimy beard," the bridge of boats.
  • Pray examine the Country tother side of the Allegany particularly the Laurell Ridge that he says its impossible we can pass without going into Braddock's old road.
  • He comes nearest to the truth perhaps when he says "its essence is a sentiment."
  • Fergusson, speaking of the cathedral in his "Illustrated Handbook of Architecture," says: "Its western doorway, which remains intact, is a fair specimen of the rich mode of decoration so prevalent in that age.
  • I always remember how beautiful you talked and my teacher says its grammar which I'm studying, but I cant make head nor tail of it, but he told me never to say this ere, and I don't any more, but I never could be such a lady as you are.
  • The leaflet agrees with the criticism of this volume, that "the spirit of Christian Science is autocratic rather than democratic," and says: "Its polity and ritual, in every detail, are shaped and directed arbitrarily by a single will.
  • Tam, who did not hear distinctly from the top, answered Dan thus: "He says its only the devil entered into the horses."
  • The Cordoba estimates, however, range from 3.6 to 4.4, and Gould says its colour is "bright yellow."
  • He says: "Its food consisted of bread and milk, which it ate several times a day, drinking the milk by scooping up some of it in its lower jaw, and then by throwing its head back the milk ran down its throat."
  • Novissima de la Lengua Mexicana_ was published in 1753, rejects altogether the saltillo, and says its invention is of no use except to make students work harder!
  • Bartholomew also supplied the words of "Hear my Prayer," "which," he says, "its dear and lamented author composed for my paraphrastic version of the 55th Psalm."
  • The very rector of the parish takes notice on it, and the rector's lady says its shameless the way you go on to make him marry you!"
  • THE WAR DEPARTMENT SAYS ITS SAY For witnesses Bunny had rounded up all of his gang of that notable night, with the one exception of Skinny Carroll.
  • Dugong_, an herbivorous cetacean, says its head has a rude approach to the human outline, and the mother while suckling her young holds it to her breast with one flipper, as a woman holds an infant in her arm; if disturbed she suddenly dives under water and throws up her fish-like tail.
  • May 4._--May set in this year with (as Horace Walpole somewhere says) "its usual severity.
  • Mrs. Sinnett well characterises the book on which she has employed her talents as a translator when she says, "Its chief attraction will most likely be found in the personal narrative and in the singular character of the authoress; who though apparently far removed by circumstances from the romantic or adventurous, yet passes through the most surprising scenes, and encounters the most imminent perils with a calm and unconscious heroism that can hardly fail to command admiration."
  • "I tell my people not to come to me with reports that everything is going well," says its general manager, "I only want to know when things begin to slip.
  • "Our South Lancashire speech," says its most accomplished interpreter, "is second to none in England in the vestiges which it contains of the tongue of other days....
  • Established 24 Years The OUTLOOK says: "Its pages are packed with vital writing ... foreign and domestic affairs are discussed with masculine ability and vigour ... a monthly survey of Imperial affairs such as no other publication offers."
  • Mr. Buchanan, in his letter of July 12, 1845, says, "Its most important article (the third) _does not even grant in affirmative terms the right_ to the contracting parties to trade with the Indians and to make settlements.
  • we_ says its say, but when fawning sycophancy or vulgar abuse are taken from that say, what remains?
  • "Remember the Golden Rule," says its general manager to his assistants, and says it again and again. "
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