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  • But what says this doctrine?
  • He says this is not true.
  • As he says this he sighs heavily.
  • She says this so low that he can scarcely hear her.
  • The skilled educator shakes his head as he says this.
  • He says this quickly, yet fearfully.
  • Uncle Charlie says this also.
  • She laughs defiantly at Gower as she says this.
  • In that letter your Majesty says this is not convenient.
  • N.V. says this was very subtle.
  • Hesychius says this was only another name for Diana.
  • And Grandmother, she says, this is for you.
  • Mr. J. says, this was a different mare.
  • Can't have that,' he says, 'this ain't no place to think.
  • Rabbi Nathan says: 'This indeed is a duty.'...
  • Who says this?
  • He says this is a war of principles, not against individuals.
  • He says this moon will not be out without our seeing some strange revolution.
  • Some says this way, an' others that.
  • He laughs a little as he says this, but there is no mirth in his laugh.
  • A gleam of something like comfort comes into his eyes as he says this.
  • She looks at him as she says this, but lowers her eyes as she meets his.
  • She says this expectantly, as though calling on her ally for support.
  • She says this slowly, turning her large eyes somewhat wistfully on his.
  • Mamma says this, sometimes; though she owns she is not jealous.
  • And he says this not proudly, but obediently, and well pleased with her.
  • She smiles divinely, and with the utmost cheerfulness, as she says this.
  • She says this with a sigh; then she pauses, and a shade saddens her face.
  • She casts a languishing glance at Marryatt as she says this.
  • Petersen says this bear must be very thin, else he could not run so fast.
  • He says this custom was probably derived from the religion of Buddha.
  • Farmer Jones says this is more money than he cares to spend for transmission.
  • Tradition says this was erected by a member of the de Pengersick family.
  • Let us go to the wood," says this pig; 2.

How To Use Says This In A Sentence?

  • He is looking at her intently, with a new meaning in his glance as he says this.
  • She says this bravely, though it is agony to her proud nature to have to confess it.
  • There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother, says this wisest of books.
  • The law says this is one of the risks that a person takes when he enters the service of another.
  • I am told that your mind is ill at ease, and that the doctor says this is what makes you ill.
  • Billy says this with a grave face, and means no irreverence in thus speaking of his dead mother.
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