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  • And those men are getting scarcer and scarcer.
  • Food became scarcer every day.
  • As this animal grew scarcer the unit changed to money.
  • Go north, and trees become scarcer and dwindle in size.
  • Not by strikes, during the continuance of which food is scarcer than before.
  • They are getting scarcer than they were, and do not like crossing the trail.
  • Deer are still met with, though they are becoming scarcer every year.

How To Use Scarcer In A Sentence?

  • In other words, the scarcer the gold and silver the more the same will purchase of the fruits of human industry.
  • They were becoming scarcer and rarer because of the descending autumn that lay like a hush over the tired world.
  • The birds were scarcer than usual, and they wandered a long distance before they had made up anything like their usual bag.
  • As meat and dairy products become scarcer and dearer we shall become increasingly dependent upon the vegetable fats.
  • The birds are very rare in their restricted range and are becoming scarcer each year, owing to their being shot and their nests robbed.
  • This process he would continue elsewhere until he had formed a goodly nucleus round which to amass still scarcer volumes as they came to hand.
  • The beautiful Longicorns were scarcer than usual, and the few butterflies were all of tropical species.
  • Aged cattle, however, are now difficult to be had, and every year they will be scarcer with the present demand for beef.
  • The bladderwort, reputed common on these marshes, seems to have become much scarcer than it was twenty years back.
  • Several days passed in this manner, and Henry noticed that people were even scarcer than they had been when they were coming down.
  • Two-hundred-eggs-a-year hens are scarcer than hens with teeth, and I was not looking for the unusual.
  • However, in spite of all this, money was scarce and scarcer every day, and none of my grand revenues would fall due for ever so long.
  • A good Summer Citizen and a favorite everywhere; but for many reasons it is growing scarcer every year.
  • As land becomes scarcer and the cost of living greater on account of the increase in population, men are turning more and more to irrigation to solve the problem of food supply.
  • The third girl who testified said she was sold at a time when slaves were scarcer and higher in price than they are now, and brought $2,800 at the age of fifteen.

Definition of Scarcer

comparative form of scarce: more scarce
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