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  • So there is a scarcity of linen.
  • Result of scarcity of women.
  • The scarcity of money is frightful.
  • Value is more frequently raised by scarcity than by use.
  • Ireland, scarcity of silver in.
  • In the summer of 1893 there was a great scarcity of money.
  • Bibles, destruction and scarcity of, 215-16.
  • I have read comments on the scarcity of birds in America.
  • Silver, scarcity of, in Ireland.
  • Powder, scarcity of, at Omdurman, 359, 367-75.
  • Everywheres there's scarcity of onions.
  • The country through which it flows is very dry from the scarcity of rain.
  • At the beginning of 1896 there was a great scarcity of grain.
  • I know no country where there is so great a scarcity of water.
  • Then he remembered the scarcity of water and pardoned the dirt.
  • It is necessary to explain the cause of this scarcity of water.
  • What disease is caused by scarcity of fresh vegetables or fruits?
  • And this scarcity springs from lack of confidence in one another.
  • On the plains of the high plateau there is a great scarcity of vegetation.
  • So great was the rush that a scarcity of ships was soon felt.
  • An unusual scarcity of wasps is reported from various parts of the country.
  • The scarcity of woods and high trees may probably account for this.
  • There is plenty of money, but there seems to be a scarcity of business.
  • A great many people say that a scarcity of money is our only difficulty.
  • On the farms much of the crop was lost on account of the scarcity of labor.
  • The camping-ground had also the disadvantage of a very great scarcity of wood.
  • The burden of scarcity or high prices falls on those least able to bear it.
  • The scarcity of potatoes is increasing, in spite of a good crop.
  • Considering the growing scarcity of this latter voice, why not use boy altos?

How To Use Scarcity In A Sentence?

  • Owing to this scarcity of water it was necessary to carry a supply with the troops.
  • Prices seem reasonable considering the scarcity of some of the paperbacks he handles.
  • The only thing he was ever known to grumble about was the scarcity of angleworms.
  • So with us there is not a scarcity of money, but there is a scarcity of business.
  • This was strikingly manifested during a time of bitter scarcity that befell us.
  • Lawrence noticed there was a scarcity of provisions, and inquired what it meant.
  • There was no scarcity of provisions, and a large breach was made in the reserves.
  • Land and climate alike favored them, but they were confronted with a scarcity of labor.
  • A small part has so few rivers and such a scarcity of rainfall that the land is dry and arid.
  • She is better off with us, for the terrible scarcity of provisions has not touched us here.
  • And even the little they were able to learn was easily lost on account of the scarcity of books.

Definition of Scarcity

(uncountable) the condition of something being scarce or deficient | (countable) an inadequate amount of something; a shortage
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