Scary In A Sentence

How To Use Scary In A Sentence?

  • A solid summer of horseback riding on a rusty brown pony among really scary mountains.
  • The interior of the church was pretty scary at first, it was so dark and empty and smelled so religious.
  • A shiver runs over you, for to look into the eyes of a lynx at night, when the light catches them, is a scary experience.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scary | Scary Sentence

  • It was scary but it was fun.
  • It was awfully scary and interesting.
  • I had never seen one before, and it was very scary at first.
  • It was quite scary as you never know whether you were going to land or not.
  • On the upper shelf something a little bit scary brushed my hands.
  • All protected by a "strict liability" system with scary penalties.
  • A Greaser can see anything scary if he makes up his mind to.
  • I didn't land there, as I thought it looked scary and dangerous.

Definition of Scary

(colloquial or archaic) Causing or able to cause fright. | (US, colloquial) Subject to sudden alarm; easily frightened. | (informal) Uncannily striking or surprising.
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