Scenting In A Sentence

Definition of Scenting

present participle of scent | The act or process by which something is scented.

How To Use Scenting In A Sentence?

  • But they hunt in packs and they are as greedy for the kill as are the snake-devils scenting meat.
  • At sight of the uplifted garment he had come eagerly forward, scenting a story.
  • Flower-sellers stood at intervals along the curb, scenting the air with their country nosegays.
  • Just as they had risen silently to their feet three gigantic dogs appeared, scenting their trail.
  • When they are shot the Indians immediately cut out the tit to prevent its scenting the meat.
  • The mare, scenting her stable, broke into a quick trot as they topped the long rise.
  • We were no sooner in than MacLachlan was scenting round and into this little house.
  • Sir Aimand checked his horse, and stiffened into rigidity, like a pointer scenting game.
  • The pony Boyar, delicately scenting something more than wood-smoke, snorted and swerved.
  • Little Saxon alone held slightly apart, his great head lifted high, scenting mischief.
  • The girl beside him was as timorous and defensive as a doe scenting an alien breath in the wood of wild things.
  • Passing that way in the night and scenting dead flesh, he had entered where none of his kind had yet penetrated of his own free will.
  • His mind was soon made up to the fact that the wretched leverets had vanished, and that no scenting of his keen nose could find them.
  • And yet, people are slow to believe that the seeing of the occult is as much a faculty as is the scenting of smells or the hearing of noises.
  • Some shrewd political manipulators, scenting future profit for themselves, had joined the new movement and were willing to trade.
  • Terrified at the howling of the wild beasts, and scenting their approach, they had fled from their pasturage to take shelter behind the palisade.
  • Paddy had seated herself in a large easy-chair, and, scenting nothing of the plot, was idly watching the fire.
  • Tommy Garton was already scenting something very near the actual truth when the telephone in the front room jangled noisily.
  • The dog, scenting trouble, bristled and snarled, baring his long fangs and standing with one forefoot raised.
  • The pups were limber, and ran to and fro on their chains, scenting the air; the older hounds stood quietly waiting.
  • On cold scenting days, with a ringing fox, this crowd keeps on until nearly dark, and heads many a fox.
  • His reappearance was heralded by shouts of applause from the younger fellows, many of whom, scenting real trouble, had scrambled out of the water.
  • Fine Buffalo robes were spread all around, and the air was perfumed by the odour of sweet scenting grass which had been burned in it.
  • The woodsman's keen scenting of the trail discomposed the Honorable Pulaski for a moment.
  • The latter scenting battle in the air, was really eager for the inevitable fighting to begin; Davis was cast down and dejected.
  • It crept into the house, choking the besieged, causing their eyes to smart and their heads to ache, and scenting clothes, linen, furniture.
  • Dixie, scenting human habitation, stepped out more briskly through the snow, and even Chub lifted an ear briefly to show he heard.
  • Always something of a jackal about Oline; sniffing and scenting out, always on the spot where there was trouble; ay, she would nose it out.
  • With a charger's snort, Upright he reared, as young again And scenting a campaign.
  • Merriwell offered to bet Robinson that woman was created before man, but Bandy was shy, scenting a sell.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scenting | Scenting Sentence

  • We pricked up our ears, scenting a story.
  • The motor-boats hasten out like scenting dogs.
  • The others looked hard at the speaker, scenting a joke.
  • Lady Rodney raises her head, scenting mischief in the air.
  • Some onlookers had drawn round the table scenting excitement.
  • He sniffed the air greedily, like a good hound scenting a fresh trail.
  • Hereupon the baes, scenting some mystery, rushed into their battle, head down.
  • In summer wild roses, deep pink, scenting the air with their fresh fragrance.
  • Even Helena, so bad at scenting irony, could guess that he did not mean that.
  • Mrs. Nelson, scenting the suggestion in Carter's voice, was instantly alert.

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