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  • Shades of my schoolboy days!
  • I was a schoolboy when you knew me.
  • He was not a schoolboy or a girl.
  • By that time he was a schoolboy himself.
  • The schoolboy flared up through all his emotion.
  • A schoolboy can fire off a pistol.
  • The schoolboy was carried away.
  • For the moment the schoolboy was sunk in the artist.
  • No schoolboy of twelve likes to admit to a mother.
  • But she seemed to enjoy her baptism of schoolboy slang.
  • He romped ahead of us like a schoolboy out for a holiday.
  • I suppose that is the French schoolboy way of fighting.
  • In my schoolboy days I had no aversion to slavery.
  • Swedish copy entitled the Schoolboy and the Birch.
  • Arthur Fortescue; or, The Schoolboy Hero.
  • They all filled the schoolboy with their fascinating possibilities.
  • He is as impressible as a schoolboy let loose for the long vacation.
  • Upon any point of schoolboy honour his authority ruled supreme.
  • I had no more self-control or forethought than a schoolboy in his first love.
  • He was as happy with them as a schoolboy ever was in meeting old chums.
  • Vaughan, as a schoolboy and an undergraduate, had been unpopular and grave.
  • There is a great deal of the schoolboy in an Englishman of thirty.
  • Could I but recall the past and be like one of our schoolboy heroes!
  • He cried out in German to himself, a cry the schoolboy never forgot.
  • Egad, I am getting too heavy and growing too old for such schoolboy pranks.

How To Use Schoolboy In A Sentence?

  • The latter was displayed in an almost schoolboy action that was pathetically humorous.
  • No schoolboy home for the holidays ever has got as far as the question you put to him.
  • Owen felt a great schoolboy blush rising all over his face as he stood there alone.
  • I had simply performed a few arithmetical processes which any schoolboy might have done as well.
  • A daring schoolboy had ventured beyond the rope and crashed through the ice into deep water.
  • Like the schoolboy who takes risks, he did not feel that he was going to get caught.
  • Sometimes loud outbursts of laughter greeted some happy remark from a bright schoolboy or girl.
  • Here was another chance to cheer, and what schoolboy would allow such an opportunity to be wasted?
  • And, indeed, it would be absurd to talk to a schoolboy about the expression of his soul.
  • She read to him, and made him read to her, and battled hard to get him out of his schoolboy twang.
  • With the wild whoop of a schoolboy at play, he was across the barrack square, untouched.
  • He looked forward to Monday as a schoolboy looks forward to the summer holidays.
  • A Schoolboy stole a horn-book from one of his schoolfellows, and brought it home to his mother.
  • He was followed soon afterwards by Jack, looking like an overgrown schoolboy in flannels.
  • A half-holiday means, I suppose, a day on which a schoolboy is only partially holy.

Definition of Schoolboy

characteristic of a schoolboy, especially being cheeky, clumsy and socially unaware. | A boy attending school.
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