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Definition of Schoolboys

plural of schoolboy

How To Use Schoolboys In A Sentence?

  • He looked down at his feet as schoolboys do when chidden, but for another reason.
  • A great day on the coaches was when schoolboys and college boys went home on their vacations.
  • The schoolboys gave him a parting salute of snowballs which the farmer tried in vain to duck.
  • Well, there ensued a mild disturbance; what schoolboys might call a genteel row.
  • But now he was struggling with passions compared with which the emotions of schoolboys were as nothing.
  • A great deal of the fiendishness of schoolboys and the cruelty of children to their elders is produced just in this way.
  • These pirates who had seemed so dreadful to me, now were nothing more than cringing schoolboys before their master.
  • You send your child to the schoolmaster, but 'tis the schoolboys who educate him.
  • And the news concerning his condition was eagerly sought with the appearance of every new bunch of schoolboys arriving on the field.
  • The sixpences were hurriedly withdrawn, but schoolboys continued to treasure them in the belief that they were worth fabulous sums.
  • Gentlemen used to lie just as schoolboys lie, because they hung together and partly to help one another out.
  • Cold, pausing Caution's lesson scorning, We frisk away, Like schoolboys at th' expected warning.
  • The declamations of schoolboys are no doubt pretty to listen to, but they may lead as you see to awkward consequences.
  • I mention the discoverer's name partly that schoolboys may remember him, or not, in their prayers.
  • This, however, was their purpose; and they enjoyed it as schoolboys enjoy the terror of a tortured animal.
  • I should like to echo the sentiments of many schoolboys on the subject of the place chosen by their parents for their Midsummer holidays.
  • There has been no more deplorable feature in the present political agitation than the active part taken in it by Indian schoolboys and students.
  • Ever and anon as any of the schoolboys appeared in view, the harmless thing clung close to her, and hid his face in her bosom for protection.
  • In the afternoon I called out the schoolboys to go with me and cut and pile and burn the underbrush in and around the village.
  • Only, the vitality of few schoolboys amounts almost to genius, and minor poets are not always blest with feelings fundamentally sound.
  • Roman schoolboys had not, like the Greeks, drunk in all myths by the easy process of nursery babble.
  • Its basis is the tyranny of brain force, which, among civilized men, is allowed to do what muscular force does among schoolboys and savages.
  • This went so far as to the appointment of even schoolboys as Majoraals and Cayaals from the time they left school.
  • But it was out of the punishments very properly inflicted upon the misguided schoolboys and students whom the politicians had put in the forefront of the fray that the greatest capital was made.
  • By way of averting that degeneracy he proposed for one thing that the members of the club should address each other always by their first names, as schoolboys do.
  • Having satisfied their thirst, they began throwing it over themselves and disporting in the cool element, gambolling and rolling about like a party of schoolboys bathing.
  • The schoolboys drove me from play, and were always tormenting me, and hence I took no pleasure in boyish sports, but read incessantly....
  • Oftentimes, with the help of a miniature stage, such as schoolboys delight in, he is enabled to form a fair estimate of the effect that may be expected of his design.
  • Never ask young English public schoolboys any questions on history that may be suggested to you by the proper names you will come across in the text.
  • Some unlucky wights occasionally fell into the said ditch, to the infinite amusement of the graver dignitaries, as well as to the merriment of the holiday schoolboys attendant.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Schoolboys | Schoolboys Sentence

  • Believed by most schoolboys there at that time.
  • Three schoolboys were amongst his fellow-passengers.
  • How merry and happy all the schoolboys are to-day!
  • Box tops, not bottoms, schoolboys flog for sport.
  • Another of those schoolboys was John Garth.
  • Soon they were eating as only happy and healthy schoolboys can eat.
  • It is not even compulsory that schoolboys should undertake cadet drill.
  • The directors hastened like schoolboys to take their accustomed places.
  • Repetition Day: a day on which schoolboys recite memorized lessons.
  • In a shouting, singing mob we made for Brisbane, like schoolboys on a holiday.

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