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  • A schoolmate is kept at home by illness.
  • An old schoolmate might have thought him rejuvenated.
  • His name was Bishop, and an old schoolmate of mine.
  • There was her schoolmate and chum, Miss Hamlin.
  • Mr. Tinmau's old schoolmate gave a jump; and no wonder.

How To Use Schoolmate In A Sentence?

  • Kit saw his schoolmate again after the afternoon performance, and received many compliments.
  • It was very odd, but the first person I met at New York was an old friend, a schoolmate of mine.
  • His father was my schoolmate for a season, and was accounted inferior by those of us who were more fortunately descended.
  • He soon consoled himself, however, with a schoolmate of his sisters whom he sometimes met when he went to visit them.
  • In spite of this, he allowed his former schoolmate and another stout fellow to bring his heavy trunk from the railroad into camp.
  • Molly had a young schoolmate who lived in St. Louis, and sometimes they would spend the day together at some reception or other.
  • The Count was a close personal friend and schoolmate of Boulanger, then the most extolled man in all France.
  • A schoolmate who from all appearances is devoted to his daughters, joins our group and lets it be known that she is dying to dance, indeed is thinking of dancing alone.
  • Catching the design at once, she deliberately looked along her own side of the table, at every schoolmate in turn; every one had joined in the trick.

Definition of Schoolmate

A person who was a fellow attendee at one's school.
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