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  • With these the fellow on the bed was scientifically bound and gagged.
  • By dressing scientifically it is possible to minimize the effect of the heat.
  • It must therefore accept its business as scientifically as possible.
  • This aspect of the vocal action has never been scientifically investigated.
  • The doctrine of breath-control is therefore scientifically untenable.
  • They are part of the system in which Germany has been scientifically trained.
  • With Kant, Cuvier and Linnaeus believed this problem scientifically insoluble.
  • Lenny's mind was a long way from being scientifically oriented.

How To Use Scientifically In A Sentence?

  • Such cases are so numerous that they should be collected and scientifically studied.
  • The problem of synthetic rubber has then been solved scientifically but not industrially.
  • It does not describe scientifically the difference between correct and incorrect tone-production.
  • They had a far keener sense of what was socially beneficial than of what was scientifically true.
  • I was able to kill the unfeminine one scientifically without emotion or regret.
  • They have pushed back their scientifically ascertainable history almost a thousand years.
  • The theory in brief was to use scientifically opposed spots of colour of more or less purity.
  • Barbara leaned luxuriously against the scientifically placed cushion, all her muscles relaxed.
  • Marvellous as this may sound, it is literally and scientifically true, and cannot be denied.
  • These habits, being scientifically derived, add to physical improvement.
  • He measured the man scientifically with his eyes, judging his distance, alert to strike.
  • Such coincidental dreams are necessarily 'false memories,' scientifically speaking.
  • He was managing that game from the bench as scientifically as if he had played the game all his short life.
  • But they worked scientifically and under the most intelligent protective tariff the world has ever seen.
  • Actually, the insane are subject to laws of behavior which can be scientifically studied no less than the sane.
  • When a man starts scientifically drinking himself to death nothing can be done when there is nothing better to offer him.
  • In their places the women propose to install social experts who shall deal scientifically with the problem.
  • Bartlett desired to explore scientifically down to the mouth, but the government failed to grant him the privilege.
  • They have to comb the mines and sweep the hydraulic-washed benches very scientifically now to make the game pay.
  • It is easier to determine scientifically what a man ought to have for his work, than what his necessities will compel him to take for it.
  • But no advance will be made till scientifically trained inquirers themselves arrange and test a large number of experiments.
  • It has never been scientifically proved that the correct use of the voice depends in any way on the mastery of an acquired system of breathing.
  • I do not pretend to discuss scientifically this subject, which has already been so ably treated by several of the gentlemen present.
  • That region was all dirt and rocks to us, yet all it needed was to be ground up and scientifically handled and it was gold.
  • Logically, then, the translation is possible, and scientifically there is no real evidence against its possibility.
  • A scientifically universal right requires certain definite and perceptible premises which form the basis of the determination of the general.
  • It is obvious, therefore, that a scientifically derived standard can never be the outcome of an opinion.
  • It looks to the long future of a nation, and dares the heroic remedy where it is scientifically sure of the nature of the disease.
  • Secondly, the child must be told scientifically that this knowledge may form a basis for later studies in biology.
  • Instead of determining the rate of growth scientifically and applying it annually, he now makes an ocular reappraisement at considerable intervals.
  • The success of the clothing would be scientifically measured, the standards improved, and progress itself become standardized.
  • He had met the scientifically smattered young woman before, but Frona had something more than smattering.

Definition of Scientifically

Using science or methods of science. | Using the scientific method. | Methodically.
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