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  • The scientists say that Venus is calling.

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  • There are two kinds of stories which the scientists say cannot be true, because everybody tells them.
  • Scientists say that the gas freed by the combustion of so much gunpowder, together with the detonations at the explosions, brings on the rain.
  • This relief, however, is just what nature has provided for in this thick coat of blood vessels in our skin; it enables us to throw great quantities of blood out to the surface where it can get rid of, or, as the scientists say, "radiate," its heat.
  • The ore occurred in the rock in a manner different from that in any other known gold field, so finding it and getting it out, and then getting the mineral out of the strange new kind of ore, required resourcefulness, "original research," as the scientists say, and constructive imagination.
  • Since Professor Proctor wrote the paper entitled "Mars, the Planet of War," published in this number, there has been made, in relation to its subject, a discovery that the scientists say will rank among the most brilliant achievements of astronomy.
  • Many scientists say that the full circle of energy that keeps the world spinning, grows crops, and paints the sky with the Aurora Borealis, begins and ends with magnetism--that the sun's rays are magnetic rays.
  • The Christian Scientists say you might even learn to hold fire in your hand by thinking of the frosty Caucasus."
  • " There wuz places in this tomb for three bodies, but only one had been finished, and scientists say that no body has ever crumbled into the dust that covers this tomb.
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