Scimitar In A Sentence

How To Use Scimitar In A Sentence?

  • The executioner made Aladdin kneel down, bandaged his eyes, and raised his scimitar to strike.
  • Tinker received a scimitar from the hands of Mr. Figgins, and flourished it gaily round his head.
  • At these words the captain of the bodyguard touched the jewelled hilt of his scimitar lying on the cushion by his side.
  • I should have liked to have seen more of her, but an unamiable-looking sentry armed with a large scimitar prevented.
  • The sword blade was shorter, curved now more like a scimitar at its tip, which showed that the angle was greater.
  • When he was thus employed he saw an enormous genius, white with rage, coming towards him, with a scimitar in his hand.
  • He wore a red, richly-fringed jacket, and the gold inlaid hilt of his scimitar peeped forth from his broad girdle.
  • The rearguard is led by a child whose round, cherub face contrasts strangely with his glittering scimitar and his grave, commanding look.
  • His turban gone, his great curved scimitar red to the hilt, the undaunted corsair fought his last fight as became the terror of his name.
  • They watched the thin scimitar of the new moon gleam out of the sky, and the gray mists creep up the river and enfold the dim and now distant outlines of the forest.
  • Below the headland there are miles upon miles of utterly lonely sands which edge the sea in a great yellow scimitar as far as the eye can carry, from east to west.
  • Daily from his meridian he stretches forth his shining scimitar and strikes the fetters from the feet of young men, setting them free to walk the golden streets of an enchanted city.
  • In the hands of his fanatical followers the scimitar became the symbol of the Mohammedan faith and hundreds of thousands were conquered and made to acknowledge its power.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scimitar | Scimitar Sentence

  • Only a scimitar of a moon.
  • He took his scimitar now in his hand.
  • With uplifted scimitar he sprang toward our host.
  • Boy, seest here this scimitar by my side?
  • Each carried a drawn sword, a scimitar of formidable size.
  • Down came the scimitar with a swish in the direction of his head.
  • Over 6000 of them either fell under the scimitar or were taken prisoner.
  • Gilder, I think, speaks of it as a scimitar flashing on the brim of the world.

Definition of Scimitar

(transitive) To strike or slice with, or as if with, a scimitar. | A sword of Persian origin that features a curved blade. | A long-handled billhook.
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