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  • He had scooped up his water and was on the way back before the next best arrived.
  • His very acts of apparent public spirit were means by which he scooped in large profits.
  • Often the mouth of the pot is the narrowest part, the inner space being deeply scooped out.
  • I cannot tell how many other traces of old days may be left scooped out of the black rock.
  • He scooped the pieces into his bag, and then the four trotted briskly along toward home.
  • At the sixth grave, the tall white man crouched and scooped aside the dirt and shale.
  • We could hear the short quick stabs of the knife as Coutlass loosed and scooped the earth out.
  • Then the dealer scooped the frozen delicacy out of the can, and plastered it into the glasses as if it were mortar.
  • Wallie scooped out a generous spoonful and placed it on his plate, waiting confidently for the verdict.
  • He scooped out a hollow in the sand below the bramble and lay down there in the tiny oasis of shadow he had thus obtained.
  • A man climbed into the wagon and scooped up a dipperful of whisky, holding it aloft before he drank.
  • He somehow managed to splash water from a pitcher to the basin, then scooped handfuls of it to his face.
  • Now and then a slave lifted up a bag of wheat and poured it into the mill or scooped out the white flour from the trough at the bottom.
  • In one place a snow slide had caught just the edge of a shed and scooped it away as a knife scoops cheese.
  • The mountain was covered with vegetation, and the ancient crater was like a circular bowl scooped from the summit.
  • In the winter the torrential rains burst on the mountains and the water rushing down had scooped deep clefts in the earth of the plain.
  • The hunter had scooped out a shallow trench in the earth beside the fire, and had filled it with live coals.
  • Leisurely he rose and scooped a panful of the sand and gravel and began washing it, more as a pastime than with an idea of finding gold.
  • Stooping, she scooped a hole in the gravel under water; there she laid the ring, and covered it over with stones.
  • Without further explanation he stepped to the dooryard and scooped up two heaping handfuls of gravel from the Road.
  • He remembered that little stream, and even the fact that there was a small basin scooped out where a pail could be quickly dipped in and filled.
  • The men hacked away the ribs with their axes, and laid bare the group lying in the hollow scooped out of the fallen beast.
  • White dresses were abundant; the favorite refreshment was a lemon partially scooped out, the hollow filled with lemon candy.
  • We scooped all the trash out of the mangers, and spread it over the grave, and the timothy and the redtop seed in the trash came up and growed.
  • Around DueƱas are seen a multitude of caves scooped in the high banks and secured with strong doors.
  • But, her godmother having scooped it quite hollow, touched it with her wand, when it was immediately changed into a gilt coach.
  • The crew on the dock scrambled up and over the sides, flung down boxes, buckets, anything and scooped the fish from the sea.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scooped | Scooped Sentence

  • The rest had been scooped out of the living tufa.
  • She scooped up water and dashed it over her breasts.
  • Colonel Spaulding scooped it up and identified himself.
  • Sinuated: winding: with the edge scooped into sinuses.
  • Her Majesty calmly scooped up the tremendous pile of chips.
  • In one place a man had scooped his dwelling out of the cliff-side.
  • The basins scooped in the soil of a barrow may have served the same purpose.
  • It had steep, scarped sides with traces of caves scooped in them.
  • She borrowed a small saucer, and scooped up the dough with her paws.
  • He dug away more top-soil and scooped out a big ball of clay.
  • Our road was much of it level; but scooped out among mountains.
  • Then I scooped that awful thing up in th' spade.
  • They have recently placed in a tiny oratory, scooped by Guidobaldo II.

Definition of Scooped

simple past tense and past participle of scoop
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