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  • Such is the scope of zoology.
  • It was the scope of his exertions to be just.
  • Murphy marvelled at the scope of the ruins.
  • The scope of this agreement is very obvious.
  • Previously we can define only the scope of the inquiry.
  • How wide the scope of such a work!
  • Make virtue the scope of all your actions.
  • These things are outside the scope of my story.
  • But this is not by far the full scope of enlightenment.
  • She affected him beyond the scope of his wildest dreams.
  • The scope of the plan also may be a determining factor.
  • We crept within the scope of her vision, and stood.
  • The scope of that Agreement.
  • The Professor attempted to explain the scope of his work.
  • Scope of the Third Step.
  • But from this time the scope of my observations was limited.
  • He was scornful of my incapacity to grasp the scope of his idea.
  • Will you not cultivate some art within the scope of my capacity?
  • But such times are exceptional and not within the scope of our inquiry.
  • The scope of his thought had a breadth uncommon in his or in any time.
  • Such a discussion would be outside the scope of this article.
  • A few words will suffice to explain the general scope of those alterations.
  • The inhabitants of this scope of country have done nothing to beautify it.
  • He liked the immense scope of the theoretical duet in which they had indulged.
  • The very physical scope of the undertakings made the old methods impracticable.
  • The sketching out of a course would be far beyond the scope of this paper.
  • Hope and fear rise alike to sublimity before the boundless scope of our future.
  • The reason is, that the scope of each is wider than immediately appears.
  • The full scope of the plight of the once noble ship was plainly made manifest.
  • Consideration of them, also, came within the scope of the commonplace.
  • Objection may be taken, first of all, against the scope of these proposals.

How To Use Scope Of In A Sentence?

  • The suppressed predicate is to be supplied from the general scope of the passage.
  • This may appear to be a digression and somewhat outside the scope of this little work.
  • Then he put his eyes to the aiming scope of the gun and swiveled the muzzle a little.
  • The work of one of the more active lodges gives an idea of the scope of the undertaking.
  • In 1572 all but licensed companies were brought within the scope of the vagrancy laws.
  • No previous war has seen anything comparable in extent of effort or scope of plan.
  • With this magnificent fund, you can afford to extend the scope of your original plan!
  • It was a strange feeling, the feeling of having put himself outside the scope of mercy.
  • He put questions to me, the obvious scope of which was to know my sentiments on moral topics.
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