Scramble In A Sentence

Definition of Scramble

(intransitive) To move hurriedly to a location, especially by using all limbs against a surface. | (intransitive) To proceed to a location or an objective in a disorderly manner. | (transitive, of food ingredients, usually including egg) To thoroughly combine and cook as a loose mass.

How To Use Scramble In A Sentence?

  • The scramble and scrimmage at the first few fences resulted in plenty of grief.
  • Then it began to scramble all over the oval stellated globe of the tiny blossoms.
  • You need not be afraid that any one can scramble down the walls of that farthest apartment.
  • Ben had been half-prepared for that, and for the deferential scramble he now performed.
  • When within a few feet of the bottom he would slide and scramble to the ground.
  • What followed was just a headlong scramble as to who could save his skin first!
  • He had but to throw the handkerchief for a hundred frail beauties to scramble for its possession.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scramble | Scramble Sentence

  • Can you scramble over this wall?
  • There was a scramble for the door.
  • There was a scramble for seats.
  • A wild scramble followed.
  • He had to scramble up on his hands and knees.
  • Danny tried to scramble to his feet.
  • The beginning of that scramble was trivial enough.
  • A mad scramble for cover followed.
  • Instantly there was a wild scramble for mounts and weapons.
  • I turned and began to scramble up the mountainside.
  • Frank had by this time managed to scramble to his feet.
  • There had been a hurried scramble back to school.
  • He was fatigued by the hilly scramble and he was thirsty.
  • The monkey was rather difficult for me to scramble up.
  • We commenced feverishly to scramble back up the cliff.
  • It was a scramble almost upon hands and knees.
  • It is indeed quite a scramble among these latter.
  • A wild scramble ensued for cloaks and umbrellas.
  • And I began to scramble over him.
  • If I could scramble up!
  • They are all in the scramble from the lowest to the highest.
  • There was a scramble below and a ripple of mirth floated up to them.
  • There was some little excitement and a scramble for information.
  • It did not at all engage in the scramble for "news.
  • And now he hears the keeper beginning to scramble up the trunk.
  • They tried to scramble out, only to slip back over and over again.
  • He could see her scramble on the float to ease him where he lay.
  • Lavendar caught hold of her and helped her to scramble back into the boat.
  • As before, a doctor was the first to scramble through the opening.
  • At present we are getting fuel in a kind of scramble with no general aim.
  • The steamer hoots a warning note and we all scramble on board hastily.
  • A rush and scramble at the railway ticket office is always unnecessary.
  • Girls are to scramble for him, and roses spring up beneath his feet.

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