Scrambling in a sentence

Definition of Scrambling

Confused and irregular; awkward; scambling. | (botany) Having a stem too weak to support itself, instead attaching to and relying on the stems or trunks of stronger plants. | present participle of scramble

How to use Scrambling in a Sentence?

  • He even assisted me in scrambling up the steep forest among rocks and brambles.
  • They came scrambling over the boulders, their shadows grotesquely preceding them.
  • But she heard a queer scrambling sound behind her and sat up and looked around.
  • Conniston cried, scrambling to his feet and striding with heavy feet to the buckboard.
  • He came near going down in a heap, but recovered himself after scrambling along on his knees.
  • The man was scrambling to his feet, glaring an eternity of hatred at his white victor.
  • The lad fled on the instant, scrambling up the high board fence and dissapeared over it.
  • The sheep went in black and came out white and fleecy and flurried, scrambling to land.
  • MacRae was scrambling and sliding down from above, barely distinguishable against the bank.
  • Further down, a second figure showed briefly, scrambling up the right-hand side of the trough.
  • A wounded Nyamwezi came scrambling on deck, spouting blood from his neck and crazed with fear.
  • The silk hat, however, is no longer used in England except perhaps for scrambling eggs in.
  • There was a frantic scrambling for clothing, which it was impossible for them to find in the pitchy darkness.
  • There was a scrambling of feet in the passage outside, and then a repetition of the onslaught on the door.
  • It might have been the rattle of a pebble under the feet of a near-by squirrel or the scrambling rush of a distant bear.
  • I found myself looking down a steep ravine, on the other bank of which a fine buffalo cow was scrambling upward.
  • Then, scrambling down, she backed out into a space clear enough to permit of turning the picture, round.
  • The cut was piled full of frenzied, scrambling specters, as rank after rank swept down into the horrid gut.
  • Then, there is the scrambling on the deck when the wind changes quarter, and the yards want squaring as the wind blows more aft.
  • They went over the side with pikes and axes, and, scrambling for any foothold, set to work on the ice like maniacs.
  • And she stood penitently watching Robert scrambling back into the boat, and overthrowing and thumping the cushions.
  • And thus alternately scrambling up and down, yet gradually ascending diagonally, we worked our way towards the hut where we were to pass the night.
  • Their companions, however, dragged them off, and scrambling over the hedges, they made their escape before the dragoons could overtake them.
  • Then I saw that he was at the side of the aeroplane, scrambling up into the fuselage assisted by the pilot in leather hood and goggles.
  • She was in the act of scrambling into bed, but upon receiving permission she made her way, a little shyly, across to where her mother was seated.
  • Sliver's glance had gone to Lee, scrambling up the steep face of the ridge, leading her horse.
  • She had proceeded by scrambling down and up primitive obstacles; she felt that at last she had come to her Land of Promise.
  • I pictured the fellow to myself trudging over the stony slopes and scrambling down wild ravines with my letter to Doña Rita in his pocket.
  • Madden was scrambling with his legs for a foothold on the ladder when the boom dragged past the platform and the whole thing swung back on the distressed boys.

Short Example Sentence for Scrambling

  • It had all happened while she was scrambling up.
  • He was scrambling to his feet.
  • It was like gamins scrambling for a penny.
  • Tom lost no time in scrambling to the spot.
  • A scrambling sound close on his left startled him.
  • A furious, noisy scrambling ensued in the thickets.
  • In five or six minutes they will be scrambling over our barricade.
  • There was a scrambling crowd, and more people were running in.
  • They could hear the laugh of a boating-party scrambling to land.
  • In the flashes of the last shots Davidson saw them scrambling over the rail.
  • They also had eggs, in the scrambling of which Archibald was quite expert.

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