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How To Use Scrape Together In A Sentence?

  • Lato turned his pockets inside out, and the most he could scrape together was twelve hundred guilders.
  • It is the resource of the poorer class of offenders, who can scrape together that single guinea, but no more.
  • But with all they could scrape together the income was insufficient to keep three souls within three bodies, and three bodies decently covered.
  • No matter how hard up Mrs. Haines was, she managed to scrape together a few pennies to pay to have the work done for her rather than do it herself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scrape Together | Scrape Together Sentence

  • I will purchase it as soon as I can scrape together the money.

Definition of Scrape Together

(idiomatic) To collect, assemble or gather small amounts (especially of money), from various sources, with some difficulty
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Scrape Together in a sentence

Scrape Together sentence

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