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Definition of Scraper

An instrument with which anything is scraped. | One who scrapes horns. | One who plays a violin incompetently, producing cacophonous sounds.

How To Use Scraper In A Sentence?

  • When he was scraping a bone with a flint scraper he happened to press off a flint flake.
  • Out our way road improvement consists of tearing the roads out with a scraper and heaping them up in the middle.
  • This scraper may be used for any straight-forward work by attaching the power to the middle of the chain.
  • The chisel is of harder material than a cabinet scraper so that it will not stand a great amount of turning over on the edge.
  • A scraper removes the excess and the turning of the cylinder brings the paste in the engraved lines down into a bath which solidifies it.
  • It is practically impossible to secure a steady and uniform pressure unless the scraper and tympan are carefully adjusted.
  • Small patches of scraper boards can be introduced into process drawings of any description, and brilliant results be secured thereby.
  • The other two are not so regular in outline, but are also chipped like a scraper at the broad end and the side edges.
  • What Donizetti's father should have given him was not a scraper but a pair of scissors.
  • Somewhat improved appliances are used in railroad building now, but though it had limitations the scraper did excellent work in its day.
  • Smith jangled on, his scraper making toadish hops and tortoise-like tips and amblings over the inequalities in the way.
  • Some of the characteristic effects which can be produced on this board by the use of the crayon and scraper are suggested by Nos.
  • On the left a scraper and two knives one above the other, an axe in the middle, on the right an axe and a hammer.
  • When crushing rich ore, and you want to get nearly all the gold off your plates, the scraper may be resorted to.
  • Yet curious to say, he could not do anything without a small ivory scraper by his side, though never using it.
  • One, as it happened, jammed inside it, so that he could get no more in, and he laid hold of an iron scraper to free it with.
  • Drawings made on scraper boards, grained papers, or by the aid of shading mediums, are photographed and reproduced by the ordinary line method.
  • Sometimes when the scraper can make no impression, it becomes necessary to laboriously pare down the inside of an entire skin with the knife before scraping it.
  • From the splotches on them after he brushed back his ruffled hair he also had a suspicion that his head was cut, and the tingling where the scraper had struck him suggested a very visible weal.
  • Both chains run outside the trough, and are secured on either side to the pushplates, so that only the scraper comes in contact with the hot coke.
  • To receive the quenching water that escapes through the grating a trough is placed beneath, and a scraper is used to free the trough of the dust escaping through the grating.
  • The gray or dingy brown, rough variety, resulted when a corrugated or coiled jar had been simply smoothed with the fingers and scraper before it was fired.
  • The only reply was a tired tug on the reins, and the next moment the scraper had torn up half a yard of the tenacious prairie sod and cast it to one side.
  • They usually deliver only at the end, but if intermediate delivery be desired a scraper may be so fixed across the band at a given point, at an angle of 45 deg.
  • After sharpening, the edges of these tools may be turned with a burnisher or the broad side of a skew chisel in the same manner that the edge of a cabinet scraper is turned though not nearly to so great a degree.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scraper | Scraper Sentence

  • Never was scraper brave man.
  • There is a scraper 66 mm.
  • The sky scraper grew in haste.
  • Then the sky scraper began to grow.
  • The sky scraper stands in the heart of the great city.
  • The sky scraper houses an army of ten thousand men.
  • At length the sky scraper soared sixty dizzy stories high.
  • For of all the buildings in the world this sky scraper is the highest.
  • An ironmonger added a scraper and an old lady ran up with a door-mat.
  • For, of all the buildings in the world, this sky scraper is the highest.
  • Then, the man turned sharply, and hurled the scraper straight at Clavering.
  • Before his patent scraper sold Old Highboys used to beat them all!
  • A pigmy scraper wi' his fiddle, Wha us'd at trystes an' fairs to driddle.
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