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  • Then he screwed up both this and that and cranked her.
  • Gyuri screwed up his mouth doubtfully.
  • They screwed up their noses in the effort.
  • Bowen screwed up his eyes and followed suit.
  • Nan screwed up her bright face with a laugh.
  • Brennan scratched his head and screwed up his face.
  • And our curiosity screwed up to boiling over point.
  • The nut is then re-adjusted and slightly screwed up.
  • He stared at her, his face screwed up.
  • The little dark baby screwed up its face.
  • He screwed up several dozen things, and whistled a while.
  • The Baron screwed up into the tightest of grimaces.
  • At this Won Lung screwed up his eyes into mere slits.
  • Ercole screwed up his eyes with a queer smile he has when he is pleased.
  • Pash screwed up his face in a manner worthy of his monkey looks.
  • Willie screwed up his face as he strained his eyes to identify the object.
  • The big fellow scratched his head and screwed up his face into a queer smile.
  • Jacky nodded, and screwed up his face as he laid his finger beside his nose.
  • Gardener Jim screwed up his face until his eyes were quite eclipsed.
  • At this inquiry, she winked both eyes rapidly, and screwed up her little mouth.
  • If it had been worth anything I'd screwed up my courage.
  • The Honourable Adam screwed up his face and pulled his goatee thoughtfully.

How To Use Screwed Up In A Sentence?

  • From the bottom of his heart he wished he had screwed up his courage in private.
  • I went to the window, and examined the boards which had been screwed up before it.
  • Then she took the jar and got her apron about it and screwed up her face and tried her best.
  • It has two bobbins that are screwed up against the top of an iron box at the head of the lamp.
  • Lacey was watching with eyes screwed up shrewdly, his forehead shining with sweat.
  • In less than two days he had screwed up his courage to breaking that thread with a sudden jerk.
  • The man was nursing his wounded arm and muttering to himself, his face screwed up with pain.
  • He became a little man again, while his eyes were still screwed up and red with crying.
  • She obediently screwed up her eyes and followed his direction, but saw nothing whatever of import.
  • He put his hand to his belt, screwed up his mug, and said he felt plumb et up inside.
  • Mrs. Byrne had screwed up her eyes to squint at an idea that could not well be looked in the face.
  • When his head fell back, his face was all screwed up, jus' like a child's in pain.
  • Only Mr. Appel and his Maker knew that he screwed up his cheek and winked at the fabrication.
  • Had Doubleday or Crow been one of our party, I might have screwed up my courage.
  • He looked at my arm the while, with his face screwed up as if he pitied me for not being under his hands.
  • She screwed up her mouth as if she had a twinge of toothache and assured me that the wine belonged to the house.
  • One finger after another he screwed up, and then went over them again to make certain they were secure.
  • Further on, the barrels and their jackets are being fitted together and the different parts assembled and screwed up.

Definition of Screwed Up

(of a piece of paper) Having been screwed into a ball. | (idiomatic, vulgar) Morally reprehensible; clearly and grossly objectionable. | (idiomatic, colloquial) Broken, damaged, inoperative or having only partial functioning, especially by inept handling.
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