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  • One was in the suspected script of the western barbarian.
  • This ancient script was graven in his soul.
  • Cuneiform script recommended, 85.
  • Have the script engraved always, never printed.
  • Different portions of this script have been seen in many books.
  • Carefully engraved script exercises are introduced for a double purpose.
  • At present, a new language and a new script have been devised.
  • Reading the secret script (which corresponds to inspiration).
  • The UTF8 and HTML versions also have the Hebrew script shown in the original.
  • Le script PHP est intégré au langage HTML (hypertext markup language).

How To Use Script In A Sentence?

  • I sounded to myself like an actor reading the script of a play for the first time.
  • He knew they spoke of the horribleness of death; but what was the cold script to the actuality?
  • A splintered fissure held delicate fucoid impressions in fine script full of meaning.
  • It was incumbent on me, therefore, to take some pains to deliver the script into her own hands.
  • See to it that Regnard has the script of his part, and that he knows how to climb on to the roof.
  • John seized a sheet of bank stationery and tried to write in the round script of Jasper.
  • The Chinese tongue and script is exceedingly old, but still used by four hundred million people.
  • Over it a gilt-framed French engraving with "Maternal Love" writ in elegant script beneath.
  • For every copy of this Pre- script issued to the s of Dens, Ten Dollars will be required.
  • A page of finely written script in the late scientist's handwriting lay before him.
  • This done, he announced that a wonderful script would be found in the animal's stomach.
  • It was ornamented with a series of bands in high relief, bands bearing the color script of the aliens.
  • The lesson then consists of printed text for reading and sometimes script (handwriting) for reading or copying.
  • He wrote hurriedly, using the elaborately monogrammed house paper, and his script was interspersed with dashes, with now and then a boyish blot.
  • V. Teach the pupil to use script letters in writing, when teaching the names of the letters and the spelling of words.
  • But she had met A in so many guises of print and script that she accepted any statement concerning A.
  • The card should be perfectly plain, fine in texture, thin, white, unglazed and engraved in simple script without flourishes.
  • The document was written in Arabic, and beneath the flowing script a secretary had pencilled an English translation.
  • The writing was cramped and foreign, as if the pen were wielded by a hand more accustomed to form German script than English letters.
  • Manuscripts are precious, for our brothers in the Home of the Clerks spend one year to copy one single script in their clear handwriting.
  • Scarcely a country house of sufficient size to boast a hall and fireplace but announces in script or text a welcome to all guests or some appreciation of the comforts of its four walls.
  • It was printed from script type instead of the usual engraved plate and it bore an address in Kennington Park Road.
  • These writings are all printed with lead pencil, or on the slate, because the mechanical difficulty of writing script with the pen makes it tedious to children.
  • The script had been invented by the Sumerians in the very earliest times, and even they may have brought it in an elemental condition from their distant fatherland.
  • As in the origin of the Egyptian script the earliest writers had begun by drawing on stone or clay the outline of the object of which they desired to convey the idea.

Definition of Script

(transitive) To make or write a script. | (countable, obsolete) A writing; a written document. | Written characters; style of writing.
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