Scriptures In A Sentence

How To Use Scriptures In A Sentence?

  • Paramananda was poring over the scriptures in his lonely room in the silence of noon.
  • Learned persons versed in the scriptures attain to great happiness by knowing him.
  • According to this list the scriptures of Iran must have been of very considerable extent.
  • Friends of the slaves stoutly denied that the Scriptures sanctioned their bondage.
  • That there may be many whose merits deserve regard, is not recorded in the scriptures of women.
  • Shall your Scriptures spiritualise the whole world while you remain unspiritual?
  • But what he thinks the most of is the circulation of the Scriptures among plain people.
  • Already in 1509 he received permission to expound the Scriptures to the students.
  • Throughout the Scriptures mention is made of a time of persecution coming at the end.
  • How can the Scriptures be fulfilled if the rich lift up the poor and make them wealthy?
  • In these few words the Scriptures narrate the creation of the first mother of our race.
  • We do not see that either the councils or the Scriptures authorize us to think otherwise.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scriptures | Scriptures Sentence

  • So the Scriptures teach.
  • We know from other Scriptures that this cannot be.
  • The eldest Scriptures express it.
  • So the Scriptures shall be fulfilled.
  • Her knowledge of the Scriptures was uncommon.
  • His reverence for the Scriptures was remarkable.
  • The Scriptures are the life of religion.
  • Think for a moment of what the Scriptures say.
  • I accept the inspiration of the Scriptures as a fact.
  • The Scriptures prove the use of rings in remote antiquity.
  • Incidentally the Scriptures treat of it....
  • He glosses the Vulgate Scriptures with vernacular notes.
  • Other small portions of the Holy Scriptures sold, 248.
  • Other small portions of the Holy Scriptures sold, 316.
  • Other small portions of the Holy Scriptures sold, 136.
  • The Use of the Scriptures in Theology, pp. 51, 52.
  • And so fynden thei in here scriptures and in here cronycles.
  • Sacred scriptures and religious philosophy; a comparative study.
  • The scriptures just cited complete another line of symbolic truth.
  • All was grave and serious, as befitted the scriptures of an ancient people.
  • And aboven the gerneres with outen ben many scriptures of dyverse langages.
  • And where is the patent for the monopoly of the Scriptures to be found?
  • He cited a few warnings of the Scriptures against the wicked and the sinner.
  • And all the teaching of the Scriptures confirms us in this belief.
  • In these schools the Scriptures are read daily by the children.
  • The scriptures were translated into Coptic not later than the 4th century.
  • So he made the Scriptures the sole source of theological doctrine.
  • This wide-spread distribution of the Scriptures produced its natural effect.

Definition of Scriptures

plural of scripture
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