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  • He is infinitely scrupulous and recklessly brave.
  • McKeogh, most scrupulous of drivers, obeyed.
  • They had to extemporise crimes, and they were not scrupulous about it.
  • He was scrupulous not to take any step which might seem dictatorial.
  • When are you to be wrought to the point of a denunciation, scrupulous brother?
  • The town, less scrupulous in its views, proffered the use of public baths.

How To Use Scrupulous In A Sentence?

  • His trial does not seem to have been conducted with any very scrupulous regard to justice.
  • In this less scrupulous but more serious age it is easy to hold Williams up to ridicule.
  • If he were less able, less cunning, or more scrupulous than they, his ruination was certain.
  • But Jeb would take no chance, and forced the column to proceed with the same scrupulous care.
  • Old Sir William had always shown a scrupulous and petty temper in money matters.
  • They ate the cooky pleasantly, Henry D. receiving every third bite with scrupulous accuracy.
  • The King of the Low Countries was not a very scrupulous person, and his daughter took after him.
  • Nor should we forget that it was his scrupulous patriotism which prevented the cropping out of militarism in this country.
  • All such containers should receive the same scrupulous attention as the vessels employed in the transport of latex.
  • His conscience was at rest, for he now felt that he had done all that the most scrupulous honour could exact of him.
  • I have seen him so scrupulous on this point, as to suppress all picturesqueness that could be put down to his imagination.
  • Along with a love for external show went a scrupulous observance of decorous and often pompous ceremonies.
  • After that event, a scrupulous conscience had forced him to take landowning as a profession and an arduous one.
  • Thus scrupulous are the courts to keep within their proper sphere, to respect the limits of their powers.
  • In that age of confused politics and extinguished patriotism, there was not indeed much scope for scrupulous honesty.
  • So for a long time the fountain was tended with the most scrupulous care, and was the clearest and prettiest in all the country round.
  • The better class of lawyers are scrupulous about this: they will not accept a brief which they believe to be in a cause which ought not to win.
  • Lapwings, as we saw in the previous chapters, establish territories and guard them from intrusion with scrupulous care.
  • The most scrupulous inquiries below seem to prove that he never descended from the tower, and you know how minute and careful our organization is.
  • I say it, lest you might have need of him and be scrupulous (from your late feeling) about making him useful.
  • The reader will observe that not being authorized as yet to practice as an attorney I was scrupulous not to hold myself out as one.
  • But they were patched with a scrupulous nicety that made some revulsion in Raven rise up and dramatically spur him to a new resentment.
  • As a woman of the world, she had, more than once, been brought into contact with men lax in their scrupulosity, but scrupulous in their laxity.
  • But Turgot was one of those severe and scrupulous souls, to whom a wicked promise does not cease to be degrading by becoming hypocritical.
  • Lemercier was himself conquered; Acquet, to catch him, pretended the greatest piety and most scrupulous devotion.
  • Notwithstanding the heterogeneous appearance of the crew, the galley of Trimalcyon-Reis was kept with scrupulous cleanliness.
  • It consists not only in the most scrupulous accuracy of relation, but also in giving it in such a manner as to convey a correct impression to the hearer.
  • The second is a song sung while a deserted shepherdess performs with scrupulous precision the magic rites which are to bring her faithless lover back to her.
  • The cavalier was, as usual, dressed with scrupulous care, and, in lace ruffles and silk, sought to conceal his coarse, beastly nature.
  • The letter has come down to us with its small clear handwriting, a few words in the postscript erased with the scrupulous neatness of the whole document.
  • He had been stopped by Giocanto Castriconi, who, with the most scrupulous politeness, called on him to come and attend a wounded man.
  • She knew that he excelled in all the virtues that are monumental and public, that he was an honourable opponent, a scrupulous defender of established rules and precedents.
  • However debauched he might have been by the habit which chained him, he had always dressed with scrupulous care, and he had never associated with those whom he regarded as low and debased.
  • But he overrates, or rather overmarks, William Morris as a scrupulous but soft-hearted examiner might overmark a sympathetic pupil.

Definition of Scrupulous

Exactly and carefully conducted. | Having scruples or compunctions. | Precise; exact or strict
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