Scurried In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scurried | Scurried Sentence

  • Chipmunk and cottontail scurried before them.
  • How they scurried away!
  • They scurried to the front door.
  • The boy scurried away.
  • The night-fag scurried up again.
  • He scurried to the buckboard and hopped in.
  • Copy boys scurried like scampering ants.
  • With a loud squawk of rage he scurried away.
  • On scurried our little friend and on came the gendarmes.
  • He crouched low, and scurried past growling.
  • He crouched low, and scurried past growling.
  • The baffled Indians scurried for their horses.
  • Little Jim scurried out to the well with a bucket.
  • The German waiter scurried away.
  • Fred sniffed as Edith scurried up-stairs.
  • It scuttled and scurried off, and so did the Princess.
  • Gordon scurried to third and Way raced toward first.
  • No fish schools, Keith noted, scurried from them.
  • Time was called and Danny Moore scurried on with his pail.
  • III Angel and I scurried up the stairway.
  • Without a word of warning she scurried from him down the path.
  • We flattened ourselves against houses and scurried into open doors.
  • Eccles jumped down from the box and scurried to open the front door.
  • Danny ducked down and scurried along one of his little tunnels.
  • The little wild animals scurried through the grass or ran up trees.
  • They scurried across the gangway on to the quay with almost undignified haste.
  • The other two had already scurried down toward the front door of the house.
  • The turtle scurried on; it was no moment to stop and discuss matters.
  • He welted them with rifle-fire: they scattered and scurried back.
  • The spider man turned the vessel, and they scurried back to shelter.
  • Mary and Annie had scurried across the hall in their kimonos.

How To Use Scurried In A Sentence?

  • He had just brought his family home from the picnic and they had scurried into the house.
  • To escape any eyes in the house she had just left, she scurried to the graveyard.
  • As he scurried upward he had left the marks of his toes in long unmistakable scratches.
  • The birds twittered and the rabbits scurried and the pet squirrel stood up and begged.
  • But the only sound that greeted him was the scratch of tiny feet as a big rat scurried by.
  • They scurried down the stairs and across the palace grounds to a small gate in the rear.
  • The commander flung a burst of light at them and laughed crazily as the monster scurried back.
  • The next moment the last name had been called, and the boys scurried into the passages.
  • The animal scurried quickly to a low-hanging tree branch and chattered his violent disapproval.

Definition of Scurried

simple past tense and past participle of scurry
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